EQ3 Fall 2016

Sep 20, 2016

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The EQ3 fall 2016 lookbook has officially launched!


From exciting new bedroom collections and solid wood dining, to handwoven rugs and copper accents, our fall 2016 lookbook will keep you feeling inspired at home all season long.




Black & Brass – Introducing the new Darcy Collection

Sep 14, 2016

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New to EQ3, Darcy is a sleek and modern bedroom collection. Rich, mahogany wood creates a mature and masculine aesthetic that is softened by its charming solid brass handle detail. Mix and match from a variety of pieces to best suit your space:




Darcy Bed


Share your design story: Introducing #DesignwithEQ3

Sep 1, 2016

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via @rachleta


At EQ3, customization is at the heart of what we do. Whether you’re choosing from one of our 130+ fabric or leathers to outfit your sofa, or selecting from countless finishes and materials for your dining table, our range of options will allow you to create a space that is uniquely yours.


How to Care for Your Plants This Fall

Aug 26, 2016

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With every new season comes a new regimen. We change the way we dress, modify the foods we eat and drink, the activities we partake in and so on. Much like us, our indoor plants require a new regimen, too. That’s why we’ve put together a list of easy-to-follow tips to keep your houseplants alive and well throughout the season.


Know your type. Each plant is different, and will require specific care. Some may need more sunlight than others, some can do without; some require more watering than others, while some require almost no watering at all. In most cases, your plant will come with a label noting the plant name and care instructions. The problem is you’ll usually lose site of it once you’ve replanted. Purchase plant labels or markers to keep instructions handy, or save a cheat sheet in your phone. This becomes extra handy when it comes time to take holidays, and your plants are in the care of a house sitter.




Check your temperature. It’s especially important to keep a careful eye on your houseplants in fall as the temperatures shift. For many of us, fall is the time we turn on the thermostat in our homes, creating a hot and dry atmosphere for plants. With tropical houseplants especially, make sure to water regularly. For fall, carrying into winter, combat dry air by keeping a glass of water close to your houseplants.




Location, location, location. Select a spot that offers ample light during daylight hours even in the fall and winter months. Some plants don’t do well moving from place to place – so be sure to see that they’re comfortable in their new home.




Watering. Most plants do the majority of their growing in the spring and summer months, and go into semi-dormancy in the fall and winter. With that, they require a little less watering. Check your plants regularly to determine their exact watering schedule, and stay consistent! Drowning your plants can cause just as much harm as under watering them. Pick up a watering metre from your local hardware store to avoid the guessing game.


Repot as needed. When the roots from your plants begin to resurface, or the plant’s growth has halted, it may be time to repot your plant. Houseplants that bloom in winter (such as the Orchids, African Violet or Anthurium to name a few) should be replanted in early fall, after their dormant period in the summer months.





How-To: The Art of Arrangement

Jun 3, 2016

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Bring life to your living room, dining room or entryway with a fresh, seasonal arrangement. Flowers are a quick and inexpensive way to add energy and colour into your space. They’re also believed to trigger happy emotions and relieve stress.


1_EQ3 + Academy Florists + Kyla - The Flower Cult-59_blog


We’ve teamed up with Kyla Ferguson of Academy Florist, to put together a simple list of pointers to help make your next artful arrangement.


2_EQ3 + Academy Florists + Kyla - The Flower Cult-1_blog


How-To Source Flowers


1. Pay a visit to your local florist:

– He or she will have access to varieties grown in Canada and the U.S., as well as all over the world
– If you want a specific type of flower, give at least 2 weeks’ notice
– Remember that flowers grow in different seasons and times of year, but that every season has something amazing to offer


2. Stop by a farmer’s market:

– Support your local farmer florists
– Expect fresher flowers: less time between field to market


3. Your own backyard/garden:

– Go wild with native flowers
– Flowers grown in your backyard or garden are sustainable and free from pesticides


How-To Assemble an Artful Arrangement

3_EQ3 + Academy Florists + Kyla - The Flower Cult-75_blog


1. First step, gather your tools: a vase (we love the ombre affect of the Vule Vase, or go retro with the Silv Vase) that works well with your planned arrangement, a set of clippers, scissors, tape, etc.


2. Gather your chosen flowers & greenery.


3. Fill up your vessel with water at room temperature.


3_EQ3 + Academy Florists + Kyla - The Flower Cult-79_blog


4. Go green: start with your greenery as the foundation of your arrangement.


5_EQ3 + Academy Florists + Kyla - The Flower Cult-90_blog


5. Trim the fat: hold your stems up to your arrangement to get an eye for height. Remember you can always cut shorter, never longer!


6_EQ3 + Academy Florists + Kyla - The Flower Cult-94_blog


6. Long gone are the days of floral design rules. Try an unexpected colour combination or an abstract shape.


How-to Care for Your Flowers


1. Keep your arrangement looking fresh by re-cutting your stems daily.


2. Change the vase water everyday.


6_EQ3 + Academy Florists + Kyla - The Flower Cult-67_blog


3. Remove any blooms as they fade.


4. Certain flowers dry well. Hang them upside down in a cool basement.


7_EQ3 + Academy Florists + Kyla - The Flower Cult-99_blog

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