#DesignwithEQ3: November Roundup

Nov 30, 2016

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Sunny mornings, coffee in bed and the perfect spot for a late lunch. November, you were good to us. Here’s our roundup of monthly favourites, shared by you!


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Simmer Pot How-to: A natural way to scent your home this holiday season

Nov 19, 2016

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Lighting candles is a great way to create a moody and intimate vibe for a quiet night in, or when entertaining guests. They’re especially essential in the fall and winter when the days are shorter and nights are longer. EQ3 has newly introduced some beautiful tealight and candle holders including Lure and Column (available soon) to help set the tone for your holiday party. When choosing your tealights or candlesticks, we recommend soy, beesewax, or any other naturally derived candles, rather than something scented. Natural candles will not only last longer, but will keep your home free of toxic chemicals.




#EQ3ingoodcompany: Bright, Bold and Beautiful Marimekko

Nov 5, 2016

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Last month we introduced you to #EQ3ingoodcompany, a new hashtag celebrating our EQ3+ product line, a collection of design classics including Herman Miller, Marimekko, Pablo and more. This month, we take a closer look at this vibrant history of Marimekko.


#DesignwithEQ3: October Roundup

Oct 31, 2016

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Last month we introduced #designwithEQ3, a new hashtag dedicated to celebrating the diversity of our products in your homes. At EQ3, customization is at the heart of what we do. Our collection of upholstery is available in 130+ fabrics and leathers, while our collection of casegoods are often available in multiple , sizes, configurations finishes and materials. The beauty of this is that no two rooms will ever look the same. To highlight this, and to share your style, we encourage you to tag your photos #designwithEQ3 on Instagram. Every photo shared has the chance to be featured on our social channels, website, blog and more! And at the end of each month we’ll share our picks in a monthly roundup on the blog.


Enjoy the best from October!



The Making Of: Eve

Oct 29, 2016

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A project for small-scale living, the Eve sofa collection was introduced in 2013. Before its conception, EQ3’s upholstery line did not include any feather-filled sofas. “Everyone thought it was too expensive,” says EQ3 Upholstery Manager, Enri Tielmann. “Feather components are a higher-end approach.” Considerable research, innovation and testing made it possible to launch the new feather-filled sofa at an affordable price-point, and since then has become one of EQ3’s most popular collections.


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