How-To: Pick the Perfect Dining Chair

Oct 4, 2016




Pairing your dining table with the right chairs can seem like an overwhelming task. To help take the pressure off, we’ve put together a how-to guide on picking the perfect dining chairs.


Step 1: Measure

If you’re purchasing chairs for an existing table make sure to bring your measurements along while shopping. Measure the width and depth of your tabletop as well as the space between the legs. Not all tables are created equal – some tables will have a more narrow space between the leg posts, which will limit your choices to chairs with a smaller footprint.


Step 2: Assess your needs

Will you be using your chairs everyday or for large gatherings and special occasions only? If the chairs are for everyday use, consider ones that are easy to clean – such as our Acel Chair or an Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair. If you will be using the space less often, treat your guests to the comfort of an upholstered chair like our Frances or Valentin Chairs.



Acel Dining Chair


Step 3: Consider a bench

Benches are a great way to squeeze in another dinner guest, especially children! Do remember that benches can be hard for some to sit down as it requires you to swing your leg overtop to get in. Consider using the bench on one side of the table, such as our Harvest Dining or Reverie Bench, and chairs on the other. This will give your guests some seating options. Dining benches can always be swapped out for chairs on different occasions and placed into the entryway instead.



Harvest Bench


Step 4: Consider proportions and style

If you have a smaller dining room or kitchen, avoid chairs with high backs and dark finishes. If your dining room is larger, consider armchairs for the head seats of the table and side chairs for the rest (Valentin or Altoh Chairs work great). Also consider the finish and material of your table. If you have a light wood or marble darker chairs might provide a nice contrast and compliment the natural materials.



Valentin Side Chair


Step 5: Dinner time!




How-To: Set the table for fall

Sep 30, 2016




With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to think about more than just the spread. Whether it’s your first, or fifth time hosting, creating a festive fall table can be fun and easy! With the help of our director of interior design, we’ve created a simple how-to guide for setting your fall table.




Step 1 – Embrace a fall palette

It’s not hard to fall in love with Marimekko’s charming prints for fall 2016. Marimekko offers fabrics by the metre, allowing you to create a custom a table cloth, runner or napkins proportionate to your dining table. We love the warm browns and taupes used in Green Green, pictured here.





Step 2 – Pair it down

Soften a bold printed tablecloth with simple white dinnerware. Part of EQ3 Basics, our Swell Dinner Plates feature a unique triangular shape.





Step 3 – Au naturel

Introduce natural elements and textures. Simple cotton napkins like our Acre Collection pair well with our Coast Marble Napkin Holders.





Step 4 –  Set the table

Set the table with enough flatware for each course and a separate water and wine glass. Fete, our new copper flatware set is a perfect way to dress the table for the season.





Steps 5 & 6 – Create an ambience

Create an ambience by scattering simple tealight holders. (Hint: they’re much safer than candlesticks when it comes time to pass the wine!)


Since fall flowers are often softer in colour, adding texture is key. Enhance your arrangement with leafy greens or vivid berries.


You’re all set to impress your guests!


#EQ3ingoodcompany: Herman Miller

Sep 30, 2016




Here at EQ3, we consider ourselves in good company. In addition to our own product range, we proudly offer EQ3+, a designer line of furniture and accessories including Herman Miller (spot the well-known Eames Lounge Chair in countless Bond movies), Marimekko (whose iconic prints were made popular by Jacqueline Kennedy in the 60s) and more.




To share the stories of these classic designs, we’ve coined a new hashtag, #EQ3ingoodcompany. First up, a little bit about Herman Miller.


Founded in Michigan in 1930, Herman Miller believes that problems are best solved through design. In 1948 design director George Nelson said that design was a “central point to (the Herman Miller) business” and 68 years later that sentiment still rings true.




Domestic Manufacturing

Similar to EQ3, Herman Miller is a vertically integrated and invested in the people that make up their organization. The skill and craft required to manufacture pieces like the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is one that is passed through generations and Herman Miller has many third or forth generation employees that have learned their craft over years of apprenticeship.




Each and every Herman Miller product is made-to-order in their Michigan manufacturing facility and is carefully controlled for quality and guaranteed for authenticity.


Original Design

EQ3+ classics like the Eames Molded Fiber Glass Chair, designed 66 years ago, prove that original design endures – transcending both time and trend.




No knock-offs

Herman Miller vehemently protects the rights of designers. Designers such as Charles and Ray Eames or Isamu Noguchi, who designed iconic pieces that have become synonymous with Modern design deserve to have their legacy honoured and treated with care. Protecting the quality, materiality and evolution of their work, is of utmost importance to Herman Miller. Design is the output of someone’s work and no ones work should be stolen or borrowed. Help propagate the future of design and say no to knock offs.




Stay tuned to EQ3 Inhabit to learn more about Herman Miller and other EQ3+ brands.






How-To: Simple Care for Oak Dining

Sep 23, 2016


With fall officially in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about entertaining at home. With that, it’s important to make sure your dining table is looking its best. If you’re owner to EQ3’s Harvest Dining Table or the Mesa Dining Table/Dinette in an oak top, it might just be time for a tune up.




Natural oak has a tendency to dry out over time. Depending on the climate you live in, your oak table will respond differently – it will dry out much slower in a humid climate than it will in a dryer climate. Additionally, our homes will become even dryer in the fall and winter months, as we turn up our thermostats.


To replenish the moisture in your oak table and bring back the natural beauty of its wood grain, you’ll need to oil it. In most cases, we suggest a twice-a-year schedule, but use your best judgement based on your environment.


Thankfully, this task is a cinch (and oddly enough, very satisfying)!


Here’s what you’ll need:




1. Fine sand paper – we suggest 220-240 grit. The idea is to give it a light buffing, not to wear away the surface in any way.


2. Two lint-free cloths – we suggest a white or natural cloth. You don’t want any dyes to stain your table.


3. Linseed Oil – we suggest boiled. It dries quicker. If you’re not in a rush, raw linseed oil is a little richer, but takes longer to dry.


4. Plastic gloves.






1. Sand the table very lightly in one direction – go with the grain. When oak dries out, the grain opens up. Lightly sanding it will knock it off leaving a clean finish. Sanding will also allow you take out any fine scuffs or surface stains – just don’t go too far, as you can’t go back.




2. Dust the surface with your dry, lint-free cloth.




3. Apply a thin layer of linseed oil to your second cloth and apply to the table in the direction of the grain. Allow it to dry as per the instructions on the bottle. We recommend 12-24 hours.

*Note: Due to extreme flammability, please safely dispose oiled rag after use. 




Your table is now ready to be set for your next dinner party!



EQ3 Fall 2016

Sep 20, 2016


The EQ3 fall 2016 lookbook has officially launched!


From exciting new bedroom collections and solid wood dining, to handwoven rugs and copper accents, our fall 2016 lookbook will keep you feeling inspired at home all season long.





















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