Best of ‘Best-of 2014′ List 

Dec 29, 2014

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I’m a fan of year-end ‘Best of’ lists. Not so much for the subjective one through ten rating systems, but rather for the nice overview it lends to a year’s worth of media. Below are the Best of: Best of 2014 Lists for hours of click throughs and wasted time. Enjoy.



Best book covers 2014


Best Longreads of 2014


Best Tracks of 2014


Dissolve Best movies of 2014


Physics Breakthroughs of 2014


Tumblr 2014 Year in Review:


Top Temporary Structures of 2014


Top New Museums of 2014


50 Best Albums of 2014


Booooooom’s 75 Favourite Images Found in 2014:


Nowness Most Loved of 2014:
(“The Chief” is a favourite of mine…)


Best podcast Episodes of All time (as of 2014):


New Years Eve Bubbly Beverages

Dec 27, 2014

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Don’t bring in the New Year with an ill informed beverage choice. You can get an enjoyable bottle of sparkling wine or Champagne no matter what you budget is! Here are my six choices for New Years Eve bubbly beverages based on price point, from entry-level up.


Bottega Il Vino de Poeti Gold Brut Prosecco – Italy, $24.99

If you’re unsure that you will appreciate a more expensive bottle, go for the Italian classic, Prosecco. At $24.99 the gold bottle edition feels a little bit more celebratory than it actually is!


Cave Spring NV Blanc de Blancs Brut Niagra Escarpment VQA – Canada, $35.99

My Canadian sparkling wine pick is a dry, medium bodied, Niagra brut-style sparking wine with hint of sweetness.


Lallier Grand Reserve Champagne GC Brut – France, $54.54

At under $55 dollars you can celebrate New Years Eve with this entry-level priced French Champagne instead of the less impressive sounding sparkling wines.


Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Champagne 2002 – France, $83.19

If you genuinely enjoy sparling wines and Champagne, but have never gotten past the entry-level priced bottles, then this is great Champagne to start with. You’ll get a long, rich finish with subtle, refreshing notes at an exceptional value.


Bollinger La Grande Année Champagne Brut – France, $157.02

This Champagne is fermented in oak barrels with exotic spices and has silky smooth bubbles.


Moët & Chandon Dom Pérignon Champagne Brut – France, $235.99

If you’ve had a particularly exceptional year and want your choice of champagne to reflect that, my favourite is the vibrant and classic Dom Pérignon.


Availability ​and prices may vary depending on your city/province.

Happy New Year!

Our Hands – Marcy

Dec 22, 2014

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5 Questions with Marcy our Team Leader Seamstress


Charles – How long have you been a seamstress?

Marcy – 24 years.

C – What do your hands do all day?

M – They distribute work + organize.

C – What makes your hands unique?

M – They are ambidextrous.

C – Would you change anything about your hands? If so what?

M – My right hand is a bit crooked (she laughs). Perhaps I would have it straightened (she smiles).

C – What is your favourite thing to hold? 

M – I can’t help it but when I am going down the grocery isle where marshmallows can be found, I need to press on them! A marshmallow is my favourite thing to hold.


Winter Craft: Gold Stippled Acre Napkin

Dec 20, 2014

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Want to get crafty this winter? Take our simple cotton Acre napkin and jazz it up for your next holiday family gathering or New Year’s Eve dinner party. With only a few supplies and some free time, you can fancy up your dinner setting without having to spend the big bucks.




What you need:

-White Acre napkins

-Gold fabric paint (can be purchased at any craft store)





Use the end of a paintbrush to dip into fabric paint. Transfer onto your napkin multiple times to create a festive stippled pattern.


Tip: You can use different paintbrushes to create dots varying in size.




You’re all done and ready to host the holiday party of the year!


Products featured: Acre Napkin, Ames Flatware, Jebel White Wine Glass, Wila Dinner Set


Animated GIFs

Dec 15, 2014

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In the 1990’s animated GIFs appeared on almost all personal webpages. They were in the form of explosions, spinning globes, envelopes sending mail, and of course spinning “under construction” signs. If you need a reminder of what the Internet looked like in the 1990’s, head over to DPGraph, a 1997 website for photorealistic graphing software.


More recently, though, the animated GIF has made a comeback as a niche art form. It’s become a new medium for illustrators to create endless loops, or comic strips with subtle animations. Photographers are also embracing the medium, dubbed the “Cinemagraph” by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.


Here are a few of my favourite examples that illustrate how artists have embraced the medium, and help us forget the ridiculous dancing cat GIFs of the 1990’s.












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