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Eames Molded Fiberglass Chairs: The Love Runs Deep

Feb 25, 2014

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The Eames Molded Fiberglass Chair was originally designed in 1950 by husband and wife design duo Charles and Ray Eames, and was manufactured by Herman Miller. This mid-century modern classic has been a fixture in the design world for years, and is loved by many. The fiberglass chair was discontinued in 1980, but next week, Herman Miller is reintroducing the Eames Molded Fiberglass Chair!


Last fall, the EQ3 Winnipeg store hosted Eames Design Thinking: 36 Years On – a design event featuring keynote speaker Eames Demetrios, Director of The Eames Office and the grandson of Charles and Ray Eames. We were thrilled to see local architects, designers, and design buffs line up outside the EQ3 store, eager for the doors to open, but when we spotted Emil (a local engineering student) standing in line with a vintage Eames Shell Chair tucked under his arm…well, we got really excited!




He brought the chair in the hopes of getting it signed by Eames Demetrios. Eames was very gracious, and before his presentation, he wrote out a personal note for Emil on the chair’s back rest. Emil was on a real high as he walked away from his meeting with Eames. It was a fun little scene to watch.


“It’s just a chair that I’ve been familiar with for a very long time,” says Emil when we asked him about the personal history of the chair. It was Emil’s first Eames Chair, and it’s been in his family for years. His mother had owned one of these iconic chairs back in the 50′s or 60′s, but had misplaced it (most likely when she moved to Canada). When she spotted the chairs again here in the city, she just fell in love with them. Emil wound up finding this one in a dumpster and brought it home for her, knowing how much it would mean to her. It was an amazing find, as a vintage shell chair like this can sell for upwards of four or five hundred dollars…sometimes more! But Emil seemed much more interested in the personal significance the chair holds, than in it’s monetary value. “These chairs have been part of our family for a really long time,” says Emil.








Emil had recently moved into his first apartment and his mom encouraged him to take the chair with him. He had been using it as his desk chair, but joked that he wouldn’t be doing that anymore, not after Eames signed it. Just in our brief interaction with Emil, it was clear that his love for these chairs and the Eameses legacy runs deep. We know that Emil’s not the only one who feels this way.


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Additional Resources

For more information on Eames Demetrios, or on Charles and Ray, watch these short clips from EQ3′s exclusive interview with Eames or read our review of Eames Demetrios’ book An Eames Primer!


Video: Interview with Eames Demetrios – Part 1

Video: Interview with Eames Demetrios – Part 2

EQ3 Spring Catalogue Photoshoot

Jan 21, 2014

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We’re really excited about EQ3′s new Spring Collection. A few pieces have already made their way into EQ3 stores, and the majority will follow over the next few weeks and months. The collection features natural and textured materials like solid wood, felt, wool, cotton and linen and focuses on “comfortable, wholesome, natural products,” says Madi, EQ3′s Casegood Product Development Coordinator.


We celebrate new products every fall season with EQ3′s annual catalogue, but this year, that seemed just too long to wait. And so, the decision was made to create a supplemental catalogue – a printed publication introducing some of our newest furniture and accessories, as well as items already in stores that fit perfectly into the spring season and a more relaxed way of living. Our in-house photographer, creative director, senior graphic designer and visual coordinator met together last week for the catalogue photoshoot. We joined them on set in an unfinished loft in Winnipeg’s Exchange District to capture some behind the scenes footage of the 3-day shoot. As luck would have it, Day 1 was bitterly cold and windy (our iPhone showed a windchill of -32 degrees celcius). Brrr…nothing like shooting the spring catalogue with a blizzard outside. Thank goodness for indoor plants!


Keep on reading for more fun photoshoot tidbits.



Thom (Creative Director) used a Mamiya 645 medium format camera to help communicate the framing of some photos with our photographer, Charles. The camera acted as a viewfinder for Thom, since he’s better versed in film photography, than digital.



Sketches that Thom drew up in preparation for the shoot.



Cliff (Visual Coordinator) put together the new Tessa Mod Shelf himself. So simple.



The mess that accumulated just beyond the camera lens, and continued to grow as the shoot went on.



Cliff went on a plant run the morning of Day 1…in the blizzard.



Thom propped the Tessa Mod Shelf with books the team brought in from home.



Cliff continued playing around with the arrangement, filling with plants, vases, bowls and more books.



Charles (Marketing Photographer) and Thom had fun with a bolt of Marimekko’s new fabric.



The new Farmhouse table was brought in for the shoot and looked great in the loft’s minimalist interior.



It may not look like much here, but from overhead this dining lifestyle image looked delicious.



Boys with their toys. Charles and Thom compared cameras over coffee break.



Charles used exposed ceiling pipes to suspend lighting over our table arrangement. The light was hung surprisingly low so it would look good for the shot.



The sun made an unexpected appearance towards the end of Day 1 and the team took full advantage of the light for our dining lifestyle image.


The Spring Catalogue will be available in the beginning of March. Stay tuned for more details!

Generation Art 2014: Call for Submissions

Jan 8, 2014

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See your artwork come to life and win a trip for two to Toronto!


Whether you’re an established artist or casual doodler, we’re looking for creative patterns and prints to use in the next edition of Generation Art.




This year’s theme is “Celebrating Canadian Diversity.”


Winning art will be reproduced on a variety of products and may include pillows, ottomans, greeting cards, tote bags and more. All proceeds from the sale of the product line will be donated to the The Michaëlle Jean Foundation (FMJF), supporting under-served youth who use the arts to revitalize their communities and create a better society. The Foundation is the governor general legacy project of the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean and her husband, Jean-Daniel Lafond.


This year’s Gen Art Contest is open to Canadian residents of all ages and “we are excited to see how Canadian talent re-imagines diversity and ultimately see it transposed onto EQ3 furnishings and accessories,” says EQ3 President and CEO Peter Tielmann. Up to 10 winners will receive nationwide exposure and a trip for two to Toronto including hotel stay and spending money to attend a media event in conjunction with the Generation Art product launch. Winners living in the greater Toronto area will receive a $1000 EQ3 gift card in lieu of airfare for two.


Click here for inspiration and more detailsContest closes February 23rd, 2014.

EQ3 on Tumblr

Dec 24, 2013

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We’re not working over the holidays, and neither should you!


While we’re gone, we’d love for you to check out EQ3 on Tumblr. Curated by EQ3′s Creative Director Thom Fougere, eq3furniture.tumblr.com is Thom’s space to share the things that are currently inspiring him and his work. Consider the website an extension of the Visual Inventory blog posts he writes for us here each month.





If you’re looking for more great things to fill your holidays with, we also suggest watching these Winter Movie recommendations from Thom and listening to this festive playlist from Braden.


Thanks for reading Inhabit in 2013. See you in the New Year!

5 Last Minute Gift Ideas from EQ3

Dec 18, 2013

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Happy 1 Week til Christmas Day!


Just in case you’re still hunting for that perfect gift – or dare we say gifts (plural) – we’ve brought in Brenna and Cliff from EQ3′s Visual Team to save the day. Brenna is EQ3′s Merchandising and Store Planning Designer and Cliff is EQ3 Winnipeg’s Visual Coordinator.


These two have great taste and, together, they’ve picked their Top 5 Gifts from EQ3′s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.




5 Last Minute Gift Ideas from EQ3


01. EQ3+ Marimekko Puketti Heart Ornaments

Why they like it: This colourful, pillowed item creates a visual diversity amongst other hard glass ornaments.


02. EQ3+ Marimekko Nanuk Mug

Why they like it: The bear is holiday themed without being one of the traditional icons of the season.


03. Cheese Board

Why they like it: Great size for multiple cheeses or appetizers.


04. Verner Throw

Why they like it: Super soft and the perfect weight to keep you at the right temperature.


05. EQ3+ Sagaform Oval Oak Oil + Vinegar Bottles

Why they like it: Perfect for having flavoured olive oils on hand at dinner parties.



Want more options?




Flip through the EQ3 Holiday Gift Guide here for more great gifting ideas.

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