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Florals in Design and Fashion

May 21, 2014

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It’s not unusual to see flowery patterns emerge in Spring, both in fashion and in home design. Just like the real thing, they make an appearance every year. This year was different, though. Florals never really left us. They surprised us with an early start – popping up last year on clothing, furniture and accessories – and continued with us right through the long, cold winter months.


The Unikko poppy pattern from EQ3+ partner Marimekko is a great example of the longevity of florals. The graphic and distinctive poppy print was designed in 1964 by Maija Isola, right after Marimekko’s founder Armi Ratia had publicly announced that Marimekko would never print floral patterns. Once Ratia saw the unique poppy design, she immediately included it in Marimekko’s collection. Unikko has remained in production ever since, gaining popularity with each passing decade, and this month marks Unikko’s 50th anniversary!


Enri, EQ3′s Upholstery Product Developer, has been watching and commenting on this flowery trend for months. We’d meet in the office kitchen during the lunch hour, and Enri would point out the latest advertisement or article that he’d discovered.


Today, he’s sharing a few of these inspirational images.



Raf Simons Fall 2013 Capsule Collection for Mr Porter¹


“Fashion dictates trends… usually. This past fall and winter I have observed some fashion brands picking up on floral patterns as a theme for lifestyle photography or on clothing itself. As one can tell, Raf Simons in the capsule collection for Mr Porter has a minimal approach, whereas the spring 2014 circuit campaign by Gucci more of bolder one.


Aspects of fashion are picked up by various industries; therefore it will be interesting to see whether florals will make an appearance in furniture shows later this year or early next year. Floral patterns certainly are not a novelty in furniture. A great example is the classic Marimekko Unikko pattern, which has been around for decades. Well-suited for smaller furniture pieces and accessories, floral patterns could add an aesthetically pleasing, as well as joyful element to our homes, just like flowers naturally do in spring.”  – Enri, Upholstery Product Developer, EQ3



Raf Simons Fall 2013 Capsule Collection for Mr Porter²



Gucci Spring 2014 circuit campaign³




1. Gucci Spring 2014 circuit campaign. Found via Men’s Folio.

2. Raf Simons Fall 2013 Capsule Collection for MR PORTER. Photos by Thomas Brown, Set design by Robert Storey. Found via ViaComIt

3. Raf Simons Fall 2013 Capsule Collection for MR PORTER. Photos by Thomas Brown, Set design by Robert Storey. Found via Trendland.com


Image Sources: credited as shown above

EQ3 Does Fifties

Apr 28, 2014

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Art City is a not-for-profit community arts centre founded in 1998 by internationally renowned, Canadian contemporary artist Wanda Koop. Located in Winnipeg’s West Broadway neighbourhood, the centre provides high quality arts programming free of charge to local residents of all ages.


This past weekend, Art City hosted nearly 1000 people at their Sixteen Candles Fundraising Party and Art Auction at the Marlborough Hotel in Winnipeg. Guests dressed in fancy 1950s attire and enjoyed live music by Canada’s The Reverend Dr. Ottawa Fantastic (Greg MacPherson) and his Fantastics, and a dance party with music by DJ Hunnicutt and DJ Co-op.


Passionate about supporting the local art scene, EQ3 supports various art events, projects and fundraisers throughout the year (most notably, Generation Art). EQ3 was excited to be title sponsor of Art City’s annual party, and Marketing Photographer Charles Venzon volunteered his time to work the EQ3 Photo Booth featuring the Replay Sofa, Custom Oak Coffee Table and Marimekko Unikko Toss Cushions. Here are some of his faves from the event!








Image Source: All photographs credited to Charles Venzon for Art City

EQ3′s Casegoods Product Developer Finds Inspiration in Transit

Apr 24, 2014

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Part of being an EQ3 product developer, means getting to visit interesting places throughout the year. And this is certainly true for Madi, EQ3′s Casegoods product developer. She regularly heads to the Eastern parts of the world for long stints in far off countries, and today, Madi’s sharing photographs from her most recent trip.


Unlike our Upholstery products, which are made in Canada, the majority of our casegoods collections are manufactured overseas. At EQ3, I work closely with a few amazing teams of people in China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Vietnam, and I have the opportunity to visit them often to review samples, develop our designs and hunt for new and exciting materials to use for our products.


During my travel, which is typically every six to eight weeks, I have the opportunity to experience many amazing places and cultures that inspire me, and motivate me in my work and life.


I have been to the edge of the North Korean – China border, to the central Java region of Indonesia all the way to Taipei, and have met the most amazing people and seen some equally amazing things along the way. Below are a few of my more memorable photos.



Arial view of Southern China


The photo above is taken near Shenzhen China, a city that is part of the Pearl River Delta, and represents the general density of this area in China. The feeling of claustrophobia is un-avoidable when experiencing this area from a detached frame of reference. That being said, I promise that once you embrace the chaos and become accustom to the rhythm of this interesting place, one can draw a lot of inspiration from this country that is changing dramatically each day.



Pink + Green Stone – Marble Supplier


Embracing chaos aside, sometimes I need a break from the speed and amount of people that surround me most days.


During such a break I turned a corner and stumbled upon the most magical of marble stones. Much like wood, the natural variations in marble create a condition that is completely original and beautiful in the way that not even true talent could create. A totally authentic example of finding beauty where you least expect it.


photo3-sizedInteresting wood – Oak supplier


As is reflected in our current product line, we’re all going crazy for natural woods, primarily Oak, Ash and Reclaimed teak. When we can, we work with suppliers who have their own sustainably harvested plantations. These suppliers are always fun to visit as I get to spend some time studying the interesting forms the logs have assumed. I love how these permanent deviations in form are meaningful representations of the life each tree has lived.



Albasia Forest


Sometimes we spend time touring the forests themselves. Above is a photo of Albasia trees – the supermodels of the forest. These girls grow super tall and thin, and at a very rapid pace. Their wood is low-density, light and easy to work with.



Curbside – Vietnam


A lot of my time is spent in transit. Transit creates in-between moments that, for me, were the moments I used to catch up on everything one needs to catch up on these days (email < instagram), but now are the moments where I fall in love with wherever I am, even just for a minute.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2014

Apr 18, 2014

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and EQ3′s got gifts that Mom and her home are sure to love.



Duplex  Bedding in red/white


Head to your local EQ3 retail store or shop online at EQ3.com for everything from hardworking kitchen utensils to easy going arm chairs, and everything in between. There’s a gift for every budget! But with so many options to choose from, we thought you could use a little help. That’s where EQ3′s Visual Team comes in.


Today, Brenna and Cliff are sharing their favourite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2014.




Brenna’s picks:


Duplex duvet set in red/white
Flirt, Stripe and Kayak paper napkins
Herb Scissors
Shadow Vase


Cliff’s picks:


Anything from the Coast marble collection, including the bowl and the cake stand
EQ3+ Sagaform Birdie carafe in blue and grey (currently available in-store only)
Milan Throw in grey


And, when all else fails, an EQ3 gift card won’t!




Pssst. EQ3′s Mother’s Day promo starts today! Save 20% off EQ3′s Karbon Chair & Ottoman with stationary or swivel base in any fabric or leather. Offer valid now until Mother’s Day.

Inhabit Turns One!

Apr 16, 2014


The EQ3 Inhabit blog turns 1 today! It seems like just yesterday we were hitting the publish button on our first blog post, and yet here we are celebrating a year’s worth of posts. We’ve enjoyed so many wonderful experiences along the way: interviewing Canadian designers, learning new crafts and creative processes, discovering new design books, and listening to great music.


Milestones, like this, are a great opportunity to look back and see where you’ve come from – detours, progress and all. We’ve compiled a selection of favourite posts from the last 12 months, and would love for you to take a look through the list, and get to know Inhabit a little better.




But first… we want to send a big shout out to Cake-ology for supplying us with this amazing 3-tiered, frosted chocolate cake. Known for their beautifully decorate cakes, Cake-ology is a great local bakery located in Winnipeg’s The Exchange District.



The Craft:




Interior Prop Styling with Covet Magazine

Making Artisan Ice Cream with Cornell Creme

The Artist’s Life with Kal Barteski

Block Printing in India

Woodworking with Karen and Jason Hare







Lauren from Weekend Almanac

Valentin from 2213 inc.

Janine Vangool from Uppercase

Carla Zacharias from EQ3

Alyssa Yuhas from welikewelove

Lane Delmonico Gibson

Joe Kalturnyk from RAW:almond

EQ3 Product Development Team

Tiffany MacKay, EQ3 Calgary’s Shop at Home Consultant



Design Library:




The Human Scale

An Eames Primer

Weekend Almanac No. 1

A Visual Inventory

Pin-Up Interviews

Handcrafted Modern

Creative Block



Music Library:




This Album was Manufactured in a Facility Which Contained Peanuts

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Reader Favourites – Top 12 in 12 Months:




Introducing: Eve

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Blogger’s Style: Marie-Ève Best from Lake Jane

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Design Library: An Eames Primer

Blogger’s Style: Christine from Just Bella



Thanks to all of our collaborators who helped make this first year such a great one! We’re excited to work with more talented creatives over the next year!

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