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5 Last Minute Gift Ideas from EQ3

Dec 18, 2013

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Happy 1 Week til Christmas Day!


Just in case you’re still hunting for that perfect gift – or dare we say gifts (plural) – we’ve brought in Brenna and Cliff from EQ3′s Visual Team to save the day. Brenna is EQ3′s Merchandising and Store Planning Designer and Cliff is EQ3 Winnipeg’s Visual Coordinator.


These two have great taste and, together, they’ve picked their Top 5 Gifts from EQ3′s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.




5 Last Minute Gift Ideas from EQ3


01. EQ3+ Marimekko Puketti Heart Ornaments

Why they like it: This colourful, pillowed item creates a visual diversity amongst other hard glass ornaments.


02. EQ3+ Marimekko Nanuk Mug

Why they like it: The bear is holiday themed without being one of the traditional icons of the season.


03. Cheese Board

Why they like it: Great size for multiple cheeses or appetizers.


04. Verner Throw

Why they like it: Super soft and the perfect weight to keep you at the right temperature.


05. EQ3+ Sagaform Oval Oak Oil + Vinegar Bottles

Why they like it: Perfect for having flavoured olive oils on hand at dinner parties.



Want more options?




Flip through the EQ3 Holiday Gift Guide here for more great gifting ideas.

Insider’s Look: A Feast for the Eyes

Sep 18, 2013


Keeping it real with a recap of our staff summer picnic…




It was a warm, sunny afternoon in mid-August, and the team sat lazily on large picnic blankets (crafted out of fabric remnants from the upholstery shop beneath our head office) stuffing themselves with sandwiches so big that they could barely wrap their hands around them! Resigned to the fact that there was no pretty or polite way to eat these things, the group just bit in and began devouring them.


Lucky for you, we captured it all on camera – a true feast for the eyes. We begin with a few awkward close-ups of our team chowing down, followed by a look at the contentment that comes from enjoying hearty food truck fare like this.







Catalogue Favourites

Sep 10, 2013

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We polled the EQ3 team to find out which lifestyle shot from the new EQ3 2013-2014 Catalogue is their favourite. The responses that came back were as varied as the look and feel of each lifestyle.


Read on to find out who likes what and why!




Paul’s Fave (Senior Graphic Designer)

Obviously I’m a little biased because I was on set every day. The day we shot the Bantam work table (Page 99) and Stella sofa (Page 22) everything went really smoothly and the energy on set was great – lots of music and lots of laughs. Unfortunately, it wasn’t like that every day. I feel like that energy really came across in the Bantam photograph. For me, the colours in the props and products, and the reflections in the glass backdrop really create a vibrant workspace.





Alex’s Fave (Graphic Designer)

I chose the Stella shot (Page 22) for a few reasons. This day was the most fun I had working on the photoshoot, I love all the plants, and we ate tacos outside for lunch.





Cliff’s Fave (Visual Coordinator – Winnipeg)

The lifestyle shot I chose was the cover image featuring the new Eve sofa and chair. I find this image attractive because of its relaxed yet balance composition, bright light and unique setting. I appreciate the approach to staging the shot – with an eclectic array of brand new and previously introduced EQ3 product, EQ3+, accessories, and personal objects. The combination of balanced composition, bright lighting, unique setting, and careful staging allows the image to read as simple, comfortable, and relaxed – and who doesn’t want that?


The Lawrence recliner shot (Page 2) is a close second because of the awesome cat.





Carla’s Fave (Product Development Coordinator)

My favourite catalogue shot is the 2 page spread of the Eve sofa (Page 4 – 5). I love the combination of the colours.


Heather’s Fave (Graphic Designer)

I like the Reverie and Eames lounge chair lifestyle ((Page 8 – 9). It just looks like a warm and inviting space, and it kind of welcomes you to sit down.





Allison’s Fave (Marketing and Communications Coordinator)

My favourite shot is the Clyde dining table (Page 92). This shot is my favourite because of the crisp colours. I love how the small bursts of colour pop from the page creating the perfect amount of interest. I also love the shadows the lean legs of the Valentin occasional chairs create. Super dramatic.





Madi’s Fave (Casegood Product Developmont Coordinator)

I like the Reclaimed Teak bedroom (Page 70 – 71), but I’m super biased! I also like the cover image, and the one with the Eames lounge chair and ottoman.


Brenna’s Fave (Merchandising and Store Planning Designer)

I like the Burrows shot (Page 74 – 75) because it seems warm, homey and a real-life shot. The haphazard arrangement of the items on the dresser make this feel like someone just left the room.





Amy’s Fave (Social Media Associate)

The Elise sofa lifestyle (Page 25) tops my list of favourite shots in this year’s catalogue. There’s a wonderful mix of textures going on that lends real warmth to the otherwise minimal interior. The space feels at once streamlined and layered. Plus, who can argue with that view?



Now it’s your turn! Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to show us your favourite!


And, if you missed last month’s behind the scenes post, you can view it here for an insider’s look at everything that went into making this year’s catalogue.

Insider’s Look: Mattress Testing

Aug 13, 2013


Some offices have mid-morning coffee breaks. Here at EQ3…we have nap time.


Or at least that’s what happened Friday morning when four new mattress samples arrived at our head office. The mattresses are part of a new program we’re launching this fall in stores and online at eq3.com, and we asked everyone to lend a hand with the inspection process. We literally stopped everything we were doing to test mattresses; and well, things got a little cozy. We had way too much fun trying them out and the resulting photos were just too hilarious (read: embarrassing) not to post. Enjoy!




Four on a bed. Creative Director Thom Fougere (shown 3rd in line) with graphic designers Heather, Paul and Alex.





Testing mattresses looks an awful lot like yoga, doesn’t it?  From top-left to bottom-right: Heather P. (Order Management Coordinator), Brenna (Merchandising & Store Planning Designer), Madi (Casegood Product Development Coordinator), Amy (that’s me)





Introducing EQ3′s Next Top Models.  From top-left to bottom-right: Jim (Vice President of Sales & Marketing), Bryan (Imports Operations Manager), Candy (Retail Customer Service Manager), Cliff (Visual Coordinator – Winnipeg)





Some serious thinking is going on, here.  From top-left to bottom-right: Carla (Product Development Coordinator), Allison (Marketing & Communications Coordinator), Thom (Creative Director), and that’s the Marketing Dept. again (Heather, Paul, Thom and Alex)





It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.



And there you have it: Mattress Testing 101. Stay tuned for video footage documenting the fun, as well as more news about the new product launch.

Trending: Relaxed Cottage

Jul 19, 2013


Summer is synonymous with casual style and just as our fashion statements get striped of their layers and take on a lighter, laid back look, so do our interiors. Cottage style is particularly fitting this time of year and recreating the relaxed look is as simple as its aesthetic.




1. Plaid throws are a cottage staple. Give this trad pattern a modern feel with a fresh palette and large scale motif.


2. Throw a selection of retro-inspired accessories into the mix to evoke a feeling of history.


3. Use white stoneware with simple, organic shapes to create a connection between the indoors and out.


4. Candlelight is essential to laid-back living. Lend this old stand-by current appeal with a modern style oil lamp.


5. Warm-up bare floors with lightweight, hand-woven accent rugs.



1. Tish Throw ($79.99) / 2. Maddy Alarm Clock in orange ($19.99) / 3. EQ3+ Sagaform Bird Feeder ($19.95) / 4. EQ3+ Sagaform Oil Lamp and Snuffer ($29.95) / 5. Daxi Accent Rug in blue, 100% cotton ($24.99) or Daxi Rug ($199.99)

Shop EQ3.com For Modern Furniture and Accessories