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How-To: Organize Your Closet (When You Don’t Really Have a Closet)

May 9, 2016

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Let’s get right to it. Having little or no closet space isn’t the ideal situation. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have closet space to store our prized possessions/conceal our ongoing clothing obsession. It’s common for character/older homes to have non-existent storage, which can be a major inconvenience.



Grow Shelving Unit


That’s why we’re showing you creative ways that will make it possible to maximize your storage, while minimizing the space you use. Here are some unconventional products to build your own closet and get organized.



Jane Ladders


1. The Ladder to Extra Storage
The Jane Ladder is foundational for organizing a compact space. Configure the ladder to meet your needs with any of the add-on storage accessories. Use the hook accessory to hang your jewelry or belts, stack your magazines in the tray, or drape your cozy hand-knit Bruno throw over one of the solid beech racks. Not only will the Jane Ladder become a focal piece, it will maximize your use of space.



Spot Wall Knob


2. Soar to New Heights

A simple solution to gain extra storage is using empty wall space. With multipurpose Spot Wall Knobs or Yves Floating Shelves, the options are endless when thinking of places to utilize them. For the Spot Wall Knobs, use hangers to make it easier to hang jackets or your collection of scarves. The Yves Floating Shelves make an ideal display area for your sunglasses and watches. Their minimal design will keep your space tidy and prevent items from finding a permanent place on the floor.



Concord Baskets


3. Box It Up

Concord Baskets are essential for tucking odds and ends away, into their newly found spot. The baskets fit perfectly into the Grow Shelving Unit, an ideal unit for a makeshift closet.



Assembly Rack


4. Nice Rack

If you’re in need of an informal rack, the Assembly Rack is perfect for any living space. Hang clothes waiting to be hung in your bedroom, store your throws over the racks in your living room, or hang your towels up in your bathroom.




Sheet Double Dresser


5. Hide Away

If you have some extra space to use up, a dresser will give you enough storage for your items. The Sheet Double Dresser provides maximum storage with its deep-set drawers.


How to: Set the table for Spring

Mar 16, 2016

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Spring_Supper_2016 to gif-2


To celebrate the official start of spring, and hopefully a renewed will to entertain, we bring you a quick guide that outlines how to set your dining table. We understand it can be hard to keep it casual, but simple is best when it comes to setting your table for guests – no ornamental gourds, no unnecessary table runners and enough space between plates to pass the wine.


Step 1 – Start Fresh!


Spring_Supper_2016 to gif-66


Setting the table for spring is about texture, materiality and natural elements. Don’t cover up your table top, instead start with a clean slate like our Reclaimed Teak Kendall top.

Step 2 – Bring the outside in!

Spring_Supper_2016 to gif-64


Flowers and foliage are essential to ground your table setting. We tend to choose arrangements that are subtle and leafy like the one pictured, artfully arranged by Kyla from Academy Florists.

Step 3 – Start to Layer

Spring_Supper_2016 to gif-58


Add fabric napkins, like our Acre collection and a patterned ceramic plate. Something classic, like Marimekko prints, work best.

Step 4 – Make it personal!

Spring_Supper_2016 to gif-52

Round out your table arrangement with personalized place settings. Your guests will love the hand-touched element and best of all, you get to control the seating plan!

5 – Set your table!

Spring_Supper_2016 to gif-30

Set your table with enough flatware for each course and a separate water and wine glass. Don’t forget to pair your glassware with the drinks you will be serving – champagne flutes for mimosas, highballs for mojitos.

6 – Add texture and height!

Spring_Supper_2016 to gif-22

Introducing a secondary texture and/or height to your place setting is important! Always think about visual hierarchy and separation – something as simple as adding a tray for coffee or a board for bread and cheese will result in a much more sophisticated table setting.

7 – Let there be light!

Spring_Supper_2016 to gif-2

Aside from their obvious functional qualities, candles create ambience and make any table feel instantaneously more intimate. These Assembly candle holders, were inspired by the evolving typology of the candle holder – from functional to ornamental. Take advantage of the ornament.

Setting the table doesn’t need to be as hard as Pinterest makes it look – minimal over opulence almost always wins.

Want to know how to do more? Keep checking back as all through spring we will bring you our take on how to overcome everything from arranging a charcuterie board to organizing your closet.

Designer Bio: Matthew Kroeker

Jan 31, 2016

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Matthew Kroeker_2015 BW 2_chairs_blue


Matthew Kroeker

Matthew Kroeker is an independent industrial designer based in Winnipeg, and is the creative director and co-founder of Top & Derby, an upstart manufacturer of thoughtful and stylish home healthcare products. He’s a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and his work has been exhibited in New York and Milan. He’s been published in prominent international publications including The New York Times, Interni and Fast Company, and has earned numerous awards including a 2014 IDEA award for the Chatfield walking cane.


Designer Bio: Dylan McKinnon

Jan 25, 2016

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dylan mckinnon_blue


Dylan McKinnon
Dylan McKinnon trained in Montreal as a cabinetmaker before moving to Toronto, where he obtained an advanced diploma in furniture design at Sheridan’s Crafts and Design program. He has worked as an industrial designer for Yabu Pushelberg and as a studio assistant to Heidi Earnshaw, and has shown in Montreal, Toronto, and Winnipeg. In 2014, he was included in a survey of post-war and contemporary Canadian design at Toronto’s Design Exchange.


Designer Bio: MSDS

Jan 18, 2016

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MSDS Studios
Toronto’s MSDS Studios believes that furniture should act as a stimulating and intimate interface between human and building. Their work synthesizes considerations of material, form, space and brier into resolved works of interior, furniture and lighting design. Their Rack creation was inspired by a simple structure glimpsed in the 1953 film Tokyo Story, by Yasujiro Ozu.


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