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Blogger’s Style: Marie-Ève from Lake Jane

Mar 11, 2014

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We are thrilled to have Marie-Ève Best as EQ3’s March Blogger of the Month! Based in Montréal, Marie-Ève runs Marie-Eve Best Interiors, a design consulting business that focuses on sustainable and accessible design. She works with homeowners to redesign their spaces using a combination of new and existing pieces, and regularly sources furniture from EQ3.com for her clients. Marie-Ève is also the founder and editor of Lake Jane, a blog sharing her love of design, decor, fashion, food, travel and more.


She recently moved into a new house, and has been busy designing every room to suit her young family’s needs. As is often the case, the master bedroom was the last room in the house to get Marie-Ève’s attention, but armed with a pair of EQ3 Tate End Tables, Marie-Ève has now transformed her bedroom into a beautiful, functional and modern space.






“I love a bedroom to be serene, airy and open. I usually leave the walls quite bare, stick to all-white bedding and carefully select accessories that are both functional and interesting to dress up the space. Our king-size bed is a monster so it leaves little room for more furniture, which means that I have to be extra selective about the pieces we bring into the room. Up until recently, we were using outdoor tables as end tables. This was due, in part, to laziness and to the fact that simply we couldn’t find nightstands that featured clean lines, a large surface and a height that worked well with our low (and gigantic) king-size bed. I don’t like nightstands with too many shelves or drawers because they inevitably become cluttered and are a pain to dust. What I need is a simple table that can hold my bedside essentials: a book or two, my cell phone and a candle. After months of looking at nightstands that were too big or too high for our bed, I began to look at end tables instead and found that I had way more options available to me. Investing in versatile modern end tables is always a good idea because you can easily move them to another room, like a living room or den, should you want to switch things up.


I chose the Tate Side Table because I loved the simple tripod leg contrasted with a large round white surface. The design is timeless and the scale is perfect for a bedroom. It has more than enough room to hold our bedside essentials and has a light footprint that allows the space around our bed to breathe. The oak legs blend in nicely with the floors making the tables feel even lighter.”  – Marie-Ève, Lake Jane




Image Source: All photographs credited to Marie-Ève Best

Blogger’s Style: Mackenzie Clarke from The Standard Issue

Feb 27, 2014

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Mackenzie Clarke is EQ3’s February Blogger of the Month! Mackenzie is the Co-Founder and Editor of The Standard Issue, a Calgary-based blog that shares the best Canadian shops, spots and emerging talent! She blogs on everything from home decor and fashion, to music, food and drink, travel, and more…all with a focus on local style.


Today, Mackenzie’s showing us how she’s worked EQ3’s popular Round Solid Teak Wood Stool into her home office – the space where all The Standard Issue magic happens!




There is nothing better than a bright and fresh space to spend your working day, and my home office is my favourite place to be with tons of light and room to get things done. In addition to being a cozy spot to work in the evenings, this is also one of those spaces that has to transform daily to meet the needs of our small business. It is a room where it, and everything in it, need to play double duty on more than one occasion.


“I appreciate a natural palette when decorating all areas of my home, and this Solid Teak Wood Stool is the perfect accent to, well, everything! Whether I’m in a modern mood or feeling a little more eclectic with my styling, this piece really works in every situation. Great for someone known to switch it up often! It is currently ideal as a spot to house a little greenery, and has already saved the day as an impromptu step stool as we finish off hanging art in our living room. From nightstand to foot stool to the perfect perch for a cocktail during a night with friends, it becomes a statement in any space.” – Mackenzie Clarke, The Standard Issue






Image Source: All photographs credited to Mackenzie Clarke

Blogger’s Style: Roan Barrion from ModernLove20

Jan 28, 2014

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Roan Barrion is EQ3’s January Blogger of the Month! Roan has worked as a vintage design dealer for the past 12 years. He runs an online gallery called Modern Love, which started out specializing in the work of Charles and Ray Eames, and later evolved into an international collection of premium 20th Century design and decorative art. Roan also curates an ever-growing collection of inspirational images for his widely read Tumblr blog ModernLove20.tumblr.com.


Today Roan’s showing us how he worked the Eames® Wire Base Low Table into the design of his living room.








“The Eames® Wire Base Low Table has been a staple in our home for over 10 years now. Thanks to the wire base and beveled plywood top, the table is both physically and visually light. It is a hugely versatile piece of furniture: beside a low profile lounge chair it becomes an occasional table to rest my coffee and magazines; add a pillow and it becomes a small ottoman; placed side by side in multiples, it becomes a modular coffee table; pull it up to any existing coffee table and it becomes quick seating for a children’s play/drawing/coloring station.


Probably my favorite aspect of the Eames® Wire Base Table is its history. I think of the archived photos of a 1951 tea ceremony the Eames hosted with Noguchi and Charlie Chaplin, and how prominent a role the table played in that important event. I see the cross-brace in the wire base, and personally (probably as a result of having studied the Eames’ oeuvre for so long) I see a subtle reference to the exterior turnbuckle cross-bracing of Case Study House number 8, a.k.a. the Eames House. It really is a great piece, an enduring design that will always have a place in our home.”

– Roan, ModernLove20


Image source: All photographs credited to Roan Barrion

Blogger’s Style: Gemma from The Sweetest Digs

Dec 16, 2013

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EQ3’s December Blogger of the Month is Gemma Bonham-Carter. An avid DIYer, Gemma has spent almost 4 years renovating and decorating her family’s red brick home on a budget. She launched her blog The Sweetest Digs shortly after moving into the home and has been sharing her DIY adventures ever since.


When asked to choose a favourite EQ3 accessory for the feature, Gemma was quick to select the Conner Mirror in white. She noted, last week, on the EQ3 Facebook Page why she liked it so much; and, today she’s showing us how she styled it in the master bedroom of her home.






“I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a round mirror for above our bed for a long time now, and the Conner couldn’t have been more perfect. It’s a pretty large mirror, so it’s easier to have two people on hand to do the install. I was smitten as soon as it was up. The simple round shape of the mirror plays off the straight lines of the bed and headboard perfectly. And it’s big enough to have a presence up there, rather than feeling too small, you know?


I like the way it reflects the chandelier and the art display around the TV on the opposite wall. Again, the lines on the opposite wall are very rectangular (frames + TV), so it’s nice to have the rounded shape of the mirror to add some dimension. And the symmetry that the mirror + light fixtures + pillows provides in the room is much needed with our off-balance windows. One of the features I really like about the mirror is that it is inset quite deeply within the painted wood frame. Somehow it makes it feel more luxe that way. It gives off a bit of a nautical feel, don’t you think?


Sometimes it’s just one piece that can make a room feel a whole lot more complete, you know? And although I used this in our bedroom, the scale and look of the mirror would be fab in so many different spots. I can picture it looking gorgeous in a bathroom above a vanity, in an entryway above a narrow table, above a fireplace, or on a big wall in a mixed gallery wall.”  – Gemma Bonham-Carter, The Sweetest Digs


Image source: All photographs credited to Gemma Bonham-Carter

Blogger’s Style: Janis Nicolay from Pinecone Camp

Nov 20, 2013


We’re thrilled to have Janis Nicolay as EQ3’s November Blogger of the Month! Based in Vancouver, Janis is a photographer and prop stylist for designers, architects, and lifestyle magazines across the country (and beyond). Her work appears regularly in publications like Canadian House and Home, Style at HomeWestern LivingCanadian LivingChatelaine and BC Home and Garden. She’s also done international work for publications like Vogue Living Australia and San Francisco based quarterly, Anthology Magazine, as well as contributed to the popular Canadian blog Poppytalk.


On her blog Pinecone Camp, Janis shares her love of mid-century modern design, baking and more. Recently, she partnered with Random House Publishing and Vancouver interior designer turned bakery owner Rosie Daykin to shoot Rosie’s newly released cookbook Butter Baked Goods. So it’s only fitting that when asked what her favourite EQ3 accessory is, Janis chose the Siirtolapuutarha dishware collection from EQ3+ Marimekko.


Janis talked about Siirtolapuutarha on the EQ3 Facebook Page earlier this month. Today, she’s taking us inside her Vancouver home to show us the versatility of these pieces.





“Always a fan of Marimekko, I was happy to find that EQ3 carried so many of their accessories. The Siirtolapuutarha series is my current favourite. I often use the smaller bowls as vases, or to stash spare change and house keys by the front door, and the 1.5L bowl is my fruit bowl these days. The 25cm plate pairs perfectly with the dotted bowl for an easy serving set, and it makes a nice hostess or thank you gift too! What’s really great about this series is that it works well with any decor and colour. That’s my kind of accessory.”  – Janis Nicolay, Pinecone Camp









Image Source: All photographs credited to Janis Nicolay

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