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Blogger’s Style: Amy from Love on Sunday

Jun 27, 2014

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We are excited to introduce you to EQ3’s June Blogger of the Month, Amy Del Rosario! Based in Toronto, Amy currently works as a Graphic Designer for Joe Fresh Online. In addition to her full-time gig, Amy blogs over at Love On Sunday about vintage furniture, thrifting and photography, and also contributes regularly to Emma Reddington’s widely read design blog The Marion House Book.


Amy’s currently loving EQ3’s Micah Floor Lamp, and recently found a spot for it in her beautiful living room. Take a look…




After 3 years of living in our condo, we finally decided on the the perfect wall treatment in our living room. We went from a mirror, to a large canvas painting and now have just finished our art wall. It’s the perfect spot to display our thrifted treasures (like the large mid-century clock on the wall), photos from our travels and different art we’ve collected throughout the years. It’s probably no surprise that this is my favourite spot in our home. I love to curl up on the sectional with a good book or magazine so it’s important to have options when it comes to lighting.


I chose the Micah Floor Lamp because of its colour and clean lines. I love the black shade and it’s the perfect size to illuminate the space and art wall. I also love the soft lighting it provides during the evening. The angled metal base is also great for small spaces since it can be tucked under the sofa and doesn’t take up much floor space. It really has made the space a lot more cozier for relaxing nights at home.  – Amy, Love On Sunday




Image Source: Photographs credited to Amy Del Rosario

Blogger’s Style: Tanya from Dans le Townhouse

May 13, 2014

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EQ3’s May Blogger of the Month is Tanya from Dans le Townhouse! Tanya is a popular Canadian DIY and home decor blogger from Thunder Bay, Ontario. She and her husband are currently renovating the interior of their lakeside home with a focus on mid-century modern design.


Tanya’s laundry / mud room recently received an update with fresh paint, artwork and hard-working accessories. The EQ3+ Herman Miller Eames® Hang-it-All® was brought for its functionality and classic design. Take a look and see how Tanya’s putting it to use!




“Our petite main floor laundry room doubles as a mudroom, pantry, and Szuka’s room (our 85lb puppy). We’re saving up to renovate, but for now white paint on the walls, ceiling, oak trim and doors have made the small space seem brighter and larger. We added a curtain on an easy-to-slide curtain track to hide the unattractive machines, decrepit laundry tub, and laundry rack. On the other side, we had to keep a pair of unsightly grab bars up, but who even notices them with our beautiful, new Eames Hang-It-All®? I don’t think I need to sell anyone on the aesthetic merits of the classic Hang-It-All. I will say that I’m so happy EQ3 sells a white version of this timeless rack because against the all-white walls it looks so sculptural. I’m especially fond of how it helps this utility room feel more cohesive with the mid-century inspired décor blossoming in other rooms of the house. Even with its good looks, the Hang-It-All is a workhorse: drying snow-soaked mitts and hats (without pulling them out of shape) is easy thanks to the solid wood balls, plus there is plenty of space for everything from Szuka’s collar to guests’ coats. And, in a pinch, I’ve even hung clean laundry on it when our dry rack is full!”  – Tanya, Dans le Townhouse




Image Source: Photographs credited to Tanya Watson

Blogger’s Style: Danielle from Urban Walls

May 1, 2014

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Last month’s EQ3 Blogger of the Month was Danielle Hardy! Danielle is the designer and owner behind Urban Walls, an online shop that designs and sells vinyl wall decals for the home. She has a great understanding of trends in home and fashion. Urban Wall’s designs have been popping up all over the internet – from sites like Just Bella to The Every Girl to Brit + Co.!


Working in the design industry has given Danielle a great eye for interiors, as is evident in her posts on the Urban Walls blog (blog.uwdecals.com), as well as in the home she shares with her husband, two sons and 8 month old daughter. See how she’s warmed up her family’s neutral living room with EQ3’s Square Solid Teak Wood Stool.




“My pick from EQ3 was an easy one. My home for the most part is a very neutral and calming space. I fell in love with the Solid Teak Wood Stool because it fulfills my love for texture but it also is the perfect piece to put beside my couch for all those magazines, candles and cups of tea that accumulate throughout the day. Its beautiful and functional. Practical and sophisticated. You can set your book down on it or pull it up for extra seating which is exactly what I look for when making a purchase for my home. I currently live in a townhouse that is on the smaller side and can easily feel cluttered at the best of times. When I bring something in to the room it has to decoratively work with what I already have but it also has to be functional. I have a lot of chrome, greys and leather in this space and found that the stool brought huge amounts of warmth and visual interest to something that can easily feel cold and uninviting. It transformed this little nook into something special.”  – Danielle, Urban Walls




Image Source: Photographs credited to Danielle Hardy

Blogger’s Style: Marie-Ève from Lake Jane

Mar 11, 2014

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We are thrilled to have Marie-Ève Best as EQ3’s March Blogger of the Month! Based in Montréal, Marie-Ève runs Marie-Eve Best Interiors, a design consulting business that focuses on sustainable and accessible design. She works with homeowners to redesign their spaces using a combination of new and existing pieces, and regularly sources furniture from EQ3.com for her clients. Marie-Ève is also the founder and editor of Lake Jane, a blog sharing her love of design, decor, fashion, food, travel and more.


She recently moved into a new house, and has been busy designing every room to suit her young family’s needs. As is often the case, the master bedroom was the last room in the house to get Marie-Ève’s attention, but armed with a pair of EQ3 Tate End Tables, Marie-Ève has now transformed her bedroom into a beautiful, functional and modern space.






“I love a bedroom to be serene, airy and open. I usually leave the walls quite bare, stick to all-white bedding and carefully select accessories that are both functional and interesting to dress up the space. Our king-size bed is a monster so it leaves little room for more furniture, which means that I have to be extra selective about the pieces we bring into the room. Up until recently, we were using outdoor tables as end tables. This was due, in part, to laziness and to the fact that simply we couldn’t find nightstands that featured clean lines, a large surface and a height that worked well with our low (and gigantic) king-size bed. I don’t like nightstands with too many shelves or drawers because they inevitably become cluttered and are a pain to dust. What I need is a simple table that can hold my bedside essentials: a book or two, my cell phone and a candle. After months of looking at nightstands that were too big or too high for our bed, I began to look at end tables instead and found that I had way more options available to me. Investing in versatile modern end tables is always a good idea because you can easily move them to another room, like a living room or den, should you want to switch things up.


I chose the Tate Side Table because I loved the simple tripod leg contrasted with a large round white surface. The design is timeless and the scale is perfect for a bedroom. It has more than enough room to hold our bedside essentials and has a light footprint that allows the space around our bed to breathe. The oak legs blend in nicely with the floors making the tables feel even lighter.”  – Marie-Ève, Lake Jane




Image Source: All photographs credited to Marie-Ève Best

Blogger’s Style: Mackenzie Clarke from The Standard Issue

Feb 27, 2014

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Mackenzie Clarke is EQ3’s February Blogger of the Month! Mackenzie is the Co-Founder and Editor of The Standard Issue, a Calgary-based blog that shares the best Canadian shops, spots and emerging talent! She blogs on everything from home decor and fashion, to music, food and drink, travel, and more…all with a focus on local style.


Today, Mackenzie’s showing us how she’s worked EQ3’s popular Round Solid Teak Wood Stool into her home office – the space where all The Standard Issue magic happens!




There is nothing better than a bright and fresh space to spend your working day, and my home office is my favourite place to be with tons of light and room to get things done. In addition to being a cozy spot to work in the evenings, this is also one of those spaces that has to transform daily to meet the needs of our small business. It is a room where it, and everything in it, need to play double duty on more than one occasion.


“I appreciate a natural palette when decorating all areas of my home, and this Solid Teak Wood Stool is the perfect accent to, well, everything! Whether I’m in a modern mood or feeling a little more eclectic with my styling, this piece really works in every situation. Great for someone known to switch it up often! It is currently ideal as a spot to house a little greenery, and has already saved the day as an impromptu step stool as we finish off hanging art in our living room. From nightstand to foot stool to the perfect perch for a cocktail during a night with friends, it becomes a statement in any space.” – Mackenzie Clarke, The Standard Issue






Image Source: All photographs credited to Mackenzie Clarke

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