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Friday, Aug 22, 2014

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Inhabit is authored by creative members of the EQ3 head office team based in Winnipeg MB, Canada and provides readers with a look at EQ3 beyond the logo.

Alex Workman
Graphic Designer. Outside of his 9-5, Alex enjoys drinking beer, listening to music, playing video games, eating cheeseburgers and spending time with his girlfriend and cat.

Paul Buccini
Senior Graphic Designer. He works on many of the brand’s communications, including: in-store materials, catalogues, and developing visual content for the website. In his spare time he enjoys watching sitcoms.

Heather Zimmerman
Graphic Designer. In her spare time her interests include illustration, knitting, baking, linocutting, staying warm, and wearing pants with elastic waistbands.

Cliff Goodwill

Nina Quark
Accessory Product Development Coordinator and a recent graduate from the Environmental Design program at University of Manitoba. Nina finds her inspiration through architecture, photography and travel. Japan and Sweden are her two favourite countries although she hasn’t yet been to either. The number one thing on her bucket list is to cage dive with great white sharks!

Madi Cash
Furniture Designer and Casegoods Product Manager. Lover of cakes, kittens and complicated outfits.

Charles Venzon
Marketing Photographer. When Charles is not making photographs of inanimate objects, he is researching for his independent art practice. Currently, Charles is focusing on immigration to Winnipeg in the late 1960's and early 70's by those who worked in the garment industry.

Thom Fougere
Furniture Designer and Creative Director. Amongst his interest in furniture, architecture, and art- movies, music and motorcycles fill his free time.

Ben Borley

Tessa Forest

Enri Tielmann
Upholstery Project Manager. Enri’s interests include creating furniture from a to z, global issues, electronic music and surfing among others. Among his passions, Enri shares interests, moments, and life with great fellow humans and especially with his wife, Bia.

Suzy Bodiroga

Kat Boznianin

Nicole Marion

Katherine Hardy

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