EQ3 San Francisco: The Bloggers Tell All

Jun 12, 2014

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We were thrilled to partner with three of San Francisco / Oakland’s top design bloggers to spread the word about our new EQ3 San Francisco retail showroom. Victoria Smith from SF Girl by the Bay, Erin Hiemstra from Apartment 34, and Gabrielle Blair from DesignMom all stopped by the showroom before the official launch to see and photograph the space.


New store openings are a busy and exciting time for EQ3 staff, and sometimes we’re too immersed in our work to take it all in. So it’s been really fun for us to see EQ3 SF in a new way, through the eyes of these talented bloggers! Each captured the showroom in their own personal way. Victoria described her interaction with the showroom’s design, and the feeling of being in a modern art gallery. Erin wrote about her first encounter with EQ3, back when she was searching for smaller scale furniture for her former condo in Seattle (the original apartment #34). And Gabrielle reminisced about the Marimekko fabric in her childhood home.


Read all 3 posts here:


SF Girl by the Bay posted: Welcome to San Francisco, EQ3



Image by Cindy Loughridge for sfgirlbybay.com



Apartment 34 posted: Retail Therapy: EQ3 Comes to San Francisco



Image by Aubrie Pick for Apartment 34



Design Mom posted: EQ3



Image by Gabrielle Blair for Design Mom


Many thanks to Victoria + Cindy, Erin + Aubrie, and Gabrielle for the beautiful features.


Image Source: credited as shown above

Introducing: Stride Double Sleeper Sofa

Jun 11, 2014

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Small spaces will love the clean and multifunctional design of EQ3’s new Stride Double Sleeper Sofa.




The Stride Sofa slides open into a double bed with an easy-to-use mechanism, instantly transforming any space into sleeping quarters for guests. Stationary castors keep the mechanism hidden at all times, offering a cleaner aesthetic and greater flexibility with furniture placement. Designed with a cubic form, and customizable with any one of EQ3’s upholstery fabric options, the Stride Sleeper Sofa is every bit as versatile as the multipurpose rooms it was intended for!






The Stride Sleeper is available now in-stores, as well as online at EQ3.com.

EQ3 Creative Director’s Apartment in The Globe and Mail

Jun 7, 2014

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Have you picked up a copy of The Globe and Mail today? Inside you’ll find a great story on EQ3’s Creative Director Thom Fougere and the apartment he shares with his girlfriend, and EQ3’s Casegoods Product Developer, Madi Cash.



Living room in the apartment of Thom Fougere (EQ3 Creative Director) and Madi Cash (EQ3 Casegoods Product Developer)


Thom and Madi’s tastes are equally impeccable, and their apartment is a beautiful reflection of that. In a recent interview we did with EQ3’s Product Development Team, Enri (EQ3’s Upholstery Product Developer) called it an ‘art exhibit.’ It was a joke, of course, but he wasn’t far off. Thom and Madi have filled their apartment with a finely curated collection of art, books and objects; everything is intentional and everything means something to the couple.


This is particularly evident in the living room – the hub of Thom and Madi’s apartment – where they’ve combined furniture designed by Thom with classic design pieces, meaningful and functional objects such as the watering can (displayed in the background), and artwork created by a friend.



Furniture includes Thom’s own designs – such as the Tyndall Coffee Table – a classic TON Bentwood Chair, and an EQ3 Reverie Sofa.


You can find the full story on this living room, and why it’s Thom’s favourite in the apartment, in today’s printed copy of the Globe and Mail. You can also read it online here.

The Craft: Making Cakes with Cake-ology

Jun 6, 2014

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Earlier this spring we reached out to Cake-ology, a local bakery in Winnipeg’s Historic Exchange District that specializes in custom cakes, cakettes and cupcakes. We were looking for a 3-tiered chocolate cake (with soft butter cream icing, no less!) to celebrate EQ3 Inhabit’s 1st Blog Birthday, and we had heard that Cake-ology was the place to go!



Pam Kirkpatrick, Founder and Owner of Cake-ology


Cake-ology’s founder and owner, Pam Kirkpatrick, is a self-taught / YouTube taught baker and cake decorator. Pam got her start by baking cakes for family and friends, and in April of 2010 she decided to open the small studio bakery where she now operates out of with a handful of staff.


The studio is used primarily as a work space, except for the long counter at the front of the bakery, which serves as a store front for walk-in customers to purchase smaller desserts as the craving strikes. Everything at Cake-ology is made in-house from scratch, and with local ingredients. Plus, their product packaging is compostable, so you can (almost) indulge guilt-free!








The staff at Cake-ology bake and decorate an average of 20 – 30 cakes a week. Most of their custom orders are for weekend occasions, such as weddings, showers, graduations and other parties. With so many cakes going out to customers each weekend, Cake-ology runs on a pretty streamlined schedule. The staff bake cakes all day on Mondays and Tuesdays. They torte and base ice the cakes on Wednesdays. Torting a cake means to level off the cake (remove the rounded top) and cut it in half horizontally to add extra height. Base icing the cakes keeps the cake moist. Thursdays and Fridays are reserved for decorating the cakes. Then on Saturdays the bakers finish off last minute tasks, package up orders, help customers and do rotational work, such as setting up cookies or rolling out cakettes. Pam reserves Saturdays for consultations and deliveries, and for receiving walk-in orders.


The following photographs document the cake making process – start to finish!






Cake-ology uses this professional grade mixer to combine all ingredients.











Cake pans are greased.



Then flour is used to line the greased pans.



Batter fills the pans part way up, leaving room for the cakes to rise.



And, into the oven they go…



Baked cakes come out with rounded tops. In a day or two, cakes will be leveled and cut in half horizontally. This process is called ‘torting’.






For our blog birthday cake, we chose a classic chocolate cake with 3-tiered design.





Vanilla flavoured soft butter cream icing covers the top of the first layer.



Additional cake layers are stacked one on top of the other to add height to the cake. Vanilla icing  is sandwiched between each layer.



Base icing the entire cake keeps it moist.



To achieve this ridged design, the decorator turns the cake stand with one hand, while lightly scraping off some of the icing with their knife in the other hand.



Sprinkles in red – a must for EQ3.



The finished cake was styled on EQ3’s Coast Marble Cake Stand, and shot in our photography cove. EQ3’s in-house graphic designers created this fun cake gif for the blog’s birthday celebration!



Visit Cake-ology.ca and the Cake-ology Facebook Page to learn more. You can also follow Cake-ology on Twitter @cakeologycakes.

Table for 1200

Jun 2, 2014

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This past weekend Carla and Nina, from EQ3’s Accessory Product Development team, took their skills to the streets of Winnipeg, Canada as part of Table for 1200 – a pop-up outdoor dining experience celebrating the local design scene.


The event was an initiative by award-winning, Canadian architecture firm 5468796 Architecture and StorefrontMB, with food organized by the co-founders of the RAW:almond winter pop-up restaurant. People from all over the city joined together to be entertained and to engage in a conversation about the value of architecture and design.One hundred and fifty tables of 8 were set up to  form one 1200 foot long table. The tables lined Provencher Bridge, a prominent structure on the Red River that overlooks Winnipeg’s downtown skyline, The Forks historic meeting place, and the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights (the latter is set to open this Fall 2014).




Carla and Nina were assigned co-captains of one table of eight, and were in charge of the table’s design and hosting the table’s guests. Here, Nina talks briefly about the design concept her and Carla came up with, and what inspired it:


“We chose to work with a variety of textiles, as we felt they were representative of Winnipeg’s different cultures coming together. Our knowledge of textiles supplied us with the idea, as each piece is unique in its materiality, weave and production process. The folds in which the fabrics meet symbolize the ways we come together. Sometimes we meet in small ways, and sometimes we come together in a much bigger way, like Table for 1200. Our table was a mosaic of fabric like Winnipeg is a mosaic of culture. We’re very proud to be one small part of such a diverse city.”  – Nina, EQ3 Accessory Product Developer








Image Sources: All photographs credited to Carla Zacharias and Nina Quark

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