How-To: Set the Table for Two

Feb 8, 2017

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While eating out can be a romantic tradition, there’s something intimate about dining at home. We’re not referring to take-out on the couch, but taking the time and effort to get dressed, cook a meal, and set a beautiful table for you and your company to enjoy.




In preparation for the sweetest holiday of the year, a few tips for setting the table for two.





With only two at the table, you have two options for flowers. The first is to keep the flowers nice and low – no higher than 10” if placed between you and your guest. For a more dramatic approach, go big with your floral arrangement and place it at the head of the table creating a backdrop for your meal. Our Posey Vases (coming soon!) are available in a variety of colours and styles. Polar Vases pictured here, coming soon.




Stock the essentials

The whole point is to spend time with each other, so you don’t want to have to keep running back and forth to the kitchen. Make sure to keep these items at the table so you can stay seated:


Napkins – on your lap like a real adult.




Full flatware set plus any additional knives for steak, etc..




Wine holder, wine/champagne glasses and water glasses (Stride Tumblers pictured here, coming this spring) – keep that wine handy and chilled




Oil and Vinegar Set with a basket or cutting board for bread. Polar Oil and Vinegar Set pictured here, coming this spring.





The nice thing about dining for two is that you have extra room on the table. Keep the salad bowl and other serveware close. Mirage Bowl pictured here, coming this spring.




Don’t worry about the clean up

Keep the clean-up simple by using dishwasher-safe dishware. Our Wila and Swell dinner sets will keep hand washing to a minimum.




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