How-To: Prep your home for holiday visitors

Dec 17, 2016

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If you’re planning to host guests this holiday season (or anticipating any unplanned post-party couch crashers), consider a few thoughtful touches from our Director of Interior Design to make sure your visitors have a comfortable and cozy stay.


1. Have a fresh set of high-quality sheets on hand. We don’t recommend anything under a 300-thread count. Try our Egyptian Cotton Sheets. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, these 500-thread count sheets are the essence of luxury.



Egyptian Cotton Sheets


2. Get rid of any dust bunnies. Spare rooms often go untouched and are full of dust.


3, Keep a carafe for water on the nightstand, a bottle of sparking never hurt. Try our Silvie Water Carafe, available in clear or smoked glass. A bedside essential.



Silvie Water Carafe


4. Make sure to keep a working clock or alarm clock bedside. If it’s been a while since you’ve used it, test it to make sure it works! We like the Maddy Alarm Clock.





Maddy Alarm Clock


5. Stock snacks. No matter how many times you tell your guests to eat whatever they want, often they feel uncomfortable searching through your pantry. Provide a small basket of nighttime snacks like popcorn, nuts or even chocolate.



Fika Tray


6. Make sure your guests know where the outlets are to charge or make a nice charging station on the nightstand.


7. Ensure proper lighting is available for reading a book or watching a movie in bed. The Pico Table Lamp has a cork base which is great for holding change, keys, jewelry or more.



Pico Table Lamp


8. Place a tray on the bed (the Fika Tray is perfect) with a spare key, wifi password, home address and note pad.


9. Have an extra throw on-hand. People prefer different temperatures to sleep. Provide your guests with an extra throw to ensure their comfort!



Marcel Bedroom Collection


10. Keep a stack of fresh towels readily available. Use our Joggle or Spot hooks and knobs to neatly keep them off the floor.



Spot Wall Knob


11. Consider a corner chair for reading, lounging and throwing things on.



Chiara Chair


12. Have room for a small desk and chair? This is helpful for guests who are doing work over the holidays would like to check emails in private. Our Asterix Ladder Desk is compact, and works beautifully to display favourite treasures.



Asterix Ladder Desk


13. Add a special touche(s). Provide a scented candle, calming room spray or chamomile tea to ease your guests to sleep.



Pinch Tea Light Holder


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