The Making Of: Eve

Oct 29, 2016

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A project for small-scale living, the Eve sofa collection was introduced in 2013. Before its conception, EQ3’s upholstery line did not include any feather-filled sofas. “Everyone thought it was too expensive,” says EQ3 Upholstery Manager, Enri Tielmann. “Feather components are a higher-end approach.” Considerable research, innovation and testing made it possible to launch the new feather-filled sofa at an affordable price-point, and since then has become one of EQ3’s most popular collections.




Aesthetically, Eve is a classic modern sofa. In order to obtain Eve’s delicate proportions, several prototypes had been created. “We’d make one prototype and say – ‘Oh, the arm is a half inch too high.’ Or ‘The arm is a quarter inch too wide.’” Every aspect of the sofa was carefully considered.


The Eve sofa begins with its solid wood frame, made from Aspen and Birch hardwood. All EQ3 frames are rigidly tested and include a 25-year warranty. The Eve frame in particular is unique in that it is one-piece frame.




While the frame is being made, the upholstery cover is sewn. For Eve’s upholstered in fabric, it is a one-piece slipcover, giving the piece a seamless look. A one-piece cover is easy to remove, which allows it to be easily replaced in future, if desired (provided you get tired of the fabric, or if it gets dirty or worn over the years). Once the frame is complete, a layer of foam is applied. For Eve’s upholstered with fabric, a compound fabric is then applied, which allows for the seamless slipcover. If the Eve will be upholstered in leather, it is applied directly to the frame.


While the upholstery is being applied, the cushions are filled, using a 75% feather and 25% fibre filling. Once the filling is complete the cushions are placed in the sofa.






Finally, the Eve makes its way to Quality Control for final inspection. Once the boxes are checked, Eve is ready to be packed up for shipping, its diecast aluminum legs unattached. Eve’s legs were designed to give the collection its airy, floating (almost hovering) look. Its playful arrow shape was intentionally created to guide the user in installing the legs, to make sure they’re parallel. The leg can be pulled out for a more dramatic look, or tucked in underneath the sofa.




Since Eve’s launch in 2013, a second iteration has been introduced, Eve Grande. Featuring a wider seat depth (23.5”), Eve Grande is a slightly larger version of the classic Eve, perfect for those spaces with a little extra room.






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