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#DesignwithEQ3: October Roundup

Oct 31, 2016

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Last month we introduced #designwithEQ3, a new hashtag dedicated to celebrating the diversity of our products in your homes. At EQ3, customization is at the heart of what we do. Our collection of upholstery is available in 130+ fabrics and leathers, while our collection of casegoods are often available in multiple , sizes, configurations finishes and materials. The beauty of this is that no two rooms will ever look the same. To highlight this, and to share your style, we encourage you to tag your photos #designwithEQ3 on Instagram. Every photo shared has the chance to be featured on our social channels, website, blog and more! And at the end of each month we’ll share our picks in a monthly roundup on the blog.


Enjoy the best from October!



The Making Of: Eve

Oct 29, 2016

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A project for small-scale living, the Eve sofa collection was introduced in 2013. Before its conception, EQ3’s upholstery line did not include any feather-filled sofas. “Everyone thought it was too expensive,” says EQ3 Upholstery Manager, Enri Tielmann. “Feather components are a higher-end approach.” Considerable research, innovation and testing made it possible to launch the new feather-filled sofa at an affordable price-point, and since then has become one of EQ3’s most popular collections.


The Making Of: Remi

Oct 22, 2016

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Made in collaboration with New York-based designer Blake Tovin, EQ3’s new Remi Sofa Collection launched in the spring of 2016.


“We wanted to bridge mid-century modern inspiration with contemporary modern,” says Enri Tielmann, Upholstery Product Manager at EQ3. “To achieve this we offered two back options: the button-tufted back is a reference to the mid-century modern era, whereas the line-pull provides a contemporary look. However you define your style, both versions can work beautifully in the home – simply let your preference guide your choice.


EQ3 + Boobyball 2016: Paradise City

Oct 18, 2016

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In 2002, Boobyball was launched by a group of dedicated young women in support of their friend Sarah O’Regan, who at just 23 years old was diagnosed with aggressive, advanced breast cancer. More than 10 years later, Boobyball has become one of Canada’s most coveted and high profile fundraising events for young philanthropists in Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg and Ottawa. Over the past 14 years, the event has raised over $3.8 million for Rethink Breast Cancer.


EQ3 is proud to sponsor this special cause for the second year in a row, partnering with the Winnipeg and now Calgary events. For partygoers, take a break from the dance floor at one of our furniture pods, scattered throughout the event. Don’t worry if you get too comfy! Every event gift bag will come with an EQ3 coupon card exclusive to Boobyball attendees, valid for a limited time.


To inspire your palette for this year’s events, we’ve pulled some of our favourite EQ3 pieces in the theme of Paradise City. We hope to see you there!


Can’t make it? Click here to donate now!




From left to right: EQ3 custom pillow in Jet Leaf; Penny PlacematWila Dinner Plate; Wila Bowl; Lyla Arm Chair in Forest Green; Spot Wall Knob in Yellow, Marimekko Unikko Lime/Yellow Tea Towels; Marimekko Saapaivakirja Pitcher 1,25 L; EQ3 custom pillow in Lana Light Green

The Making Of: Arie

Oct 15, 2016

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Inspired by the word arie, the German translation for the Italian word aria, which represents a musical piece composed for a soloist, the Arie Chair was intended to be the single piece in a space that brings personality. This week, in part two of our four-part series, The Making Of, we’ll take a closer look at the inspiration behind and making of Arie.



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