How-To: Simple Care for Oak Dining

Sep 23, 2016


With fall officially in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about entertaining at home. With that, it’s important to make sure your dining table is looking its best. If you’re owner to EQ3’s Harvest Dining Table or the Mesa Dining Table/Dinette in an oak top, it might just be time for a tune up.




Natural oak has a tendency to dry out over time. Depending on the climate you live in, your oak table will respond differently – it will dry out much slower in a humid climate than it will in a dryer climate. Additionally, our homes will become even dryer in the fall and winter months, as we turn up our thermostats.

To replenish the moisture in your oak table and bring back the natural beauty of its wood grain, you’ll need to oil it. In most cases, we suggest a twice-a-year schedule, but use your best judgement based on your environment.


Thankfully, this task is a cinch (and oddly enough, very satisfying)!


Here’s what you’ll need:




1. Fine sand paper – we suggest 220-240 grit. The idea is to give it a light buffing, not to wear away the surface in any way.


2. Two lint-free cloths – we suggest a white or natural cloth. You don’t want any dyes to stain your table.


3. Linseed Oil – we suggest boiled. It dries quicker. If you’re not in a rush, raw linseed oil is a little richer, but takes longer to dry.


4. Plastic gloves.






1. Sand the table very lightly in one direction – go with the grain. When oak dries out, the grain opens up. Lightly sanding it will knock it off leaving a clean finish. Sanding will also allow you take out any fine scuffs or surface stains – just don’t go too far, as you can’t go back.




2. Dust the surface with your dry, lint-free cloth.




3. Apply a thin layer of linseed oil to your second cloth and apply to the table in the direction of the grain. Allow it to dry as per the instructions on the bottle. We recommend 12-24 hours.

*Note: Due to extreme flammability, please safely dispose oiled rag after use. 




Your table is now ready to be set for your next dinner party!




  • Paul

    Can you do a blog post on caring for the leather on your couches etc? I have a Reverie couch that could use some TLC after 2 years, and was wondering if I should treat it with Lexol conditioner.

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