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How-To: Set the table for fall

Sep 30, 2016

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to think about more than just the spread. Whether it’s your first, or fifth time hosting, creating a festive fall table can be fun and easy! With the help of our director of interior design, we’ve created a simple how-to guide for setting your fall table.


#EQ3ingoodcompany: Herman Miller

Sep 30, 2016

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Here at EQ3, we consider ourselves in good company. In addition to our own product range, we proudly offer EQ3+, a designer line of furniture and accessories including Herman Miller (spot the well-known Eames Lounge Chair in countless Bond movies), Marimekko (whose iconic prints were made popular by Jacqueline Kennedy in the 60s) and more.


How-To: Simple Care for Oak Dining

Sep 23, 2016


With fall officially in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about entertaining at home. With that, it’s important to make sure your dining table is looking its best. If you’re owner to EQ3’s Harvest Dining Table or the Mesa Dining Table/Dinette in an oak top, it might just be time for a tune up.




Natural oak has a tendency to dry out over time. Depending on the climate you live in, your oak table will respond differently – it will dry out much slower in a humid climate than it will in a dryer climate. Additionally, our homes will become even dryer in the fall and winter months, as we turn up our thermostats.


EQ3 Fall 2016

Sep 20, 2016

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The EQ3 fall 2016 lookbook has officially launched!


From exciting new bedroom collections and solid wood dining, to handwoven rugs and copper accents, our fall 2016 lookbook will keep you feeling inspired at home all season long.




Black & Brass – Introducing the new Darcy Collection

Sep 14, 2016

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New to EQ3, Darcy is a sleek and modern bedroom collection. Rich, mahogany wood creates a mature and masculine aesthetic that is softened by its charming solid brass handle detail. Mix and match from a variety of pieces to best suit your space:




Darcy Bed


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