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How-To: The Art of Arrangement

Jun 3, 2016

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Bring life to your living room, dining room or entryway with a fresh, seasonal arrangement. Flowers are a quick and inexpensive way to add energy and colour into your space. They’re also believed to trigger happy emotions and relieve stress.


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We’ve teamed up with Kyla Ferguson of Academy Florist, to put together a simple list of pointers to help make your next artful arrangement.


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How-To Source Flowers


1. Pay a visit to your local florist:

– He or she will have access to varieties grown in Canada and the U.S., as well as all over the world
– If you want a specific type of flower, give at least 2 weeks’ notice
– Remember that flowers grow in different seasons and times of year, but that every season has something amazing to offer


2. Stop by a farmer’s market:

– Support your local farmer florists
– Expect fresher flowers: less time between field to market


3. Your own backyard/garden:

– Go wild with native flowers
– Flowers grown in your backyard or garden are sustainable and free from pesticides


How-To Assemble an Artful Arrangement

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1. First step, gather your tools: a vase (we love the ombre affect of the Vule Vase, or go retro with the Silv Vase) that works well with your planned arrangement, a set of clippers, scissors, tape, etc.


2. Gather your chosen flowers & greenery.


3. Fill up your vessel with water at room temperature.


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4. Go green: start with your greenery as the foundation of your arrangement.


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5. Trim the fat: hold your stems up to your arrangement to get an eye for height. Remember you can always cut shorter, never longer!


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6. Long gone are the days of floral design rules. Try an unexpected colour combination or an abstract shape.


How-to Care for Your Flowers


1. Keep your arrangement looking fresh by re-cutting your stems daily.


2. Change the vase water everyday.


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3. Remove any blooms as they fade.


4. Certain flowers dry well. Hang them upside down in a cool basement.


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