How-To: Update Your Space With Pillows

May 30, 2016

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A quick pillow update is all you need to revivify your space for the season. With the help of our Director of Interior Design, we selected our best-selling fabrics and created complimentary pillow pairings fit for the season.




Quick Tip: A few good rules of thumb to keep you in check :1 pillow per chair, 3 per sofa, 5 per small sectional and 8 for a very large sectional. Make sure you have a throw blanket handy for evenings in front of the fire (or for most of us, the television).




Jet Shade
Jet Shade is a popular two-tone fabric that gives it visual texture and depth. This fabric is a great base for any room and can quickly adapt from season to season with just a few pillows. This spring try layering blue fabrics in varying textures and patterns in various greens. Our seasonal Sea pillow perfectly compliments these selections while adding a bold graphic element to your room.


Quick Tip: Mix pillow sizes. Use a mixture of 18”, 14” and lumbar pillows to complete your look.




Key Largo Almond
This classic fabric is a warm neutral great for creating a classic casual look suitable for the bedroom or living room. Liven up your bed or sofa by adding layers of texture with Lana wool fabric and Houndstooth patterns. *Tip : Our houndstooth and herringbone fabrics are considered to be a micropattern so don’t worry about visual overload. Treat these micropatterns as you would a solid. If you want something even more bold try mixing these selections with our Shore seasonal pillow as well!




Lana Taupe
Lana is a luxurious 70% reclaimed wool and comes in a wide range of versatile neutrals and vibrant colours. Lana Taupe is a great starting point for any room; because it is so versatile you can have fun and mix a variety of Herringbone colours with a brilliant turquoise. *Hint : check out the flyer where these pillows are featured with an Oskar sofa in Lana Taupe.




Polo Slate
Polo slate long time favourite of EQ3 customers and for good reason; Polo is as versatile as it is durable. This season go bold with a vibrant orange and red houndstooth pattern. Pair this with the bright red Jet vermillion fabric and muted Lana taupe for a look that is as balanced as it is bold.


Quick Tip: Feather pillows have a luxurious look and feel. They are a larger investment up front but will withstand years of catnaps on the couch!




Mila Silver
If comfort is your priority then Mila is for you. This plush fabric is soft, durable and comes in two shades of a lightly heathered grey. Add interest by balancing bright purple and pink Lana fabrics with a neutral grey houndstooth pattern. Mix in our seasonal Sea pillow cover for an added graphic touch.




Quick Tip: Use 3 different fabrics for pillows. This will make the room look eclectic and expertly styled. Too many pillows in the same fabric will distract from your Canadian-crafted EQ3 sofa!



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