How to: Set the table for Spring

Mar 16, 2016

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To celebrate the official start of spring, and hopefully a renewed will to entertain, we bring you a quick guide that outlines how to set your dining table. We understand it can be hard to keep it casual, but simple is best when it comes to setting your table for guests – no ornamental gourds, no unnecessary table runners and enough space between plates to pass the wine.


Step 1 – Start Fresh!


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Setting the table for spring is about texture, materiality and natural elements. Don’t cover up your table top, instead start with a clean slate like our Reclaimed Teak Kendall top.

Step 2 – Bring the outside in!

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Flowers and foliage are essential to ground your table setting. We tend to choose arrangements that are subtle and leafy like the one pictured, artfully arranged by Kyla from Academy Florists.

Step 3 – Start to Layer

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Add fabric napkins, like our Acre collection and a patterned ceramic plate. Something classic, like Marimekko prints, work best.

Step 4 – Make it personal!

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Round out your table arrangement with personalized place settings. Your guests will love the hand-touched element and best of all, you get to control the seating plan!

5 – Set your table!

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Set your table with enough flatware for each course and a separate water and wine glass. Don’t forget to pair your glassware with the drinks you will be serving – champagne flutes for mimosas, highballs for mojitos.

6 – Add texture and height!

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Introducing a secondary texture and/or height to your place setting is important! Always think about visual hierarchy and separation – something as simple as adding a tray for coffee or a board for bread and cheese will result in a much more sophisticated table setting.

7 – Let there be light!

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Aside from their obvious functional qualities, candles create ambience and make any table feel instantaneously more intimate. These Assembly candle holders, were inspired by the evolving typology of the candle holder – from functional to ornamental. Take advantage of the ornament.

Setting the table doesn’t need to be as hard as Pinterest makes it look – minimal over opulence almost always wins.

Want to know how to do more? Keep checking back as all through spring we will bring you our take on how to overcome everything from arranging a charcuterie board to organizing your closet.


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