Winter Craft: Gold Stippled Acre Napkin

Dec 20, 2014

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Want to get crafty this winter? Take our simple cotton Acre napkin and jazz it up for your next holiday family gathering or New Year’s Eve dinner party. With only a few supplies and some free time, you can fancy up your dinner setting without having to spend the big bucks.




What you need:

White Acre napkins

-Gold fabric paint (can be purchased at any craft store)





Use the end of a paintbrush to dip into fabric paint. Transfer onto your napkin multiple times to create a festive stippled pattern.


Tip: You can use different paintbrushes to create dots varying in size.




You’re all done and ready to host the holiday party of the year!


Products featured: Acre Napkin, Ames Flatware, Jebel White Wine Glass, Wila Dinner Set



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