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CATS (& other musings)

Sep 7, 2014

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Pets and babies have been used since the inception of print media as vehicles to soften images and render individuals more relatable. Daisy Woodward who writes one of my favorite monthly online columns The Pets (profiling famous people and their equally famous pets ) for Another magazine  explains this phenomena as such: “Add a child or animal into a shot and the reaction will transform from ‘so-what’ to swoon”.


Salvador Dali + Babou

Salvador Dali + Babou via 


In our celebrity drenched culture we are constantly bombarded with photos aiming to achieve that aforementioned swoon factor.  Although babies dominated the style sections in the mid 2000’s, lest we forget the days of Suri Cruise, now we see more and more pet-centric images.  Sure we have the North West and Aila Wang’s of the world but people are just as eager to spend hours lamenting over the adorable kitten that was just posted on kittens of Instagram regardless of her lack of sartorial contribution.


Melting hearts

Melting hearts via


In fact, brands are popping up whose entire platform is devoted to showcasing cuteness.  The aforementioned catsofinstagram and their kitten/puppy/dog counterparts make it to the popular page on a daily basis and have developed a variety of social media platforms allowing fans to broadcast their admiration. Many other companies, such as popular NY/LA retailer Creatures of Comfort are taking advantage of the inherent likeability of say, a kitten in a pocket, while simultaneously boosting their exposure by splicing product plugs with sweet or hilarious portrayals of animals. In what may be the most meta approach of them all the publication “Cat People” showcases humans alongside of cats – individuals appear as a requisite supplement to the four legged creatures that are the undisputed stars of the publication.


CP Cover-1


Being in a business where my job requires me to stay relevant I spend a lot of time on the internet and trolling Instagram, where I often fall prey to vortex of cuteness. I revel in the opportunity to break up my time spent looking at beautiful images of interiors and furniture with something cute and cuddly. In an effort to pay it forward – I present a roundup of some of the cutest images submitted to me featuring cute and cuddly animals with poses ranging from innocent to seductive all with pieces of EQ3 furniture.


Furhead posing with an Eames molded plastic rocker.

Furhead posing with an Eames molded plastic rocker


Poncho being camera shy in front of an Eve sofa.

Poncho being camera shy in front of an Eve sofa


Frankie gives his best bedroom eyes in a Bento bed

Frankie gives his best bedroom eyes in a Bento bed


Alan lounging on a Reclaimed Teak Chest

Alan lounging on a Reclaimed Teak Chest


Sophie sitting comfortably on a Reverie sofa and Reclaimed Teak coffee table

Sophie sitting comfortably on a Reverie sofa and Reclaimed Teak coffee table


Freddie - guest of honor at last weeks dinner - sits on an Eames molded fiberglass armchair.

Freddie – guest of honor at last weeks dinner – sits on an Eames molded fiberglass armchair.

Behind The Scenes – EQ3 Fall/Winter 2014 Catalogue

Sep 5, 2014

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I am a fan of Behind the Scenes footage. Whether it be production stills or scenes from an electronic press kit (EPK) I find it fascinating. Primarily, I enjoy getting a sense of how a production is made: What camera systems had been used? What lenses? What kind of support was being used for the camera – crane or dolly? Steadicam or handheld? Then I like to check out the lighting, then the sets…I could go on and on about what interests me technically. But technical aspects aside, the thing I love most about BTS footage is seeing the people involved candidly at work.


While photographing our EQ3 2014-15 Fall/Winter Catalogue I attempted to also capture some BTS footage that I felt would document our work experience on set:





Thom + Hasselblad 503CW + CFV50









The reverse angle that reveals all. See the final shot on page 27.





Stylist extrordinaire Mr. Clifford Goodwill.





Fun fact: We tried to incorporate something of Bruno Munari in all our shots.






Foreground foliage. See the result on pages 36 + 37.











Thom handling a priceless Bertoia to use in our Reverie + Herman Miller Lounge chair + ottoman shot on pages 8 + 9.



















































Calculating weather patterns + checking out IG.




A storyboard drawing Thom had done for us to re-create. I think we nailed it. Go check it out for yourself on pages 40 + 41.


– Charles, EQ3 Marketing Photographer


Instagram: August 2014

Sep 3, 2014

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Here’s a roundup of some of our Instagram posts from August on @EQ3_Furniture.

Follow us at @EQ3_Furniture on Instagram for notices on promotions, new products, or for a look behind the scenes at EQ3.

Freebie: Printable September Calendar

Sep 2, 2014

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A back to school essential! September’s free printable planner features the fun and flirty Gwen Desk. The optional topper makes for a clutter-free work surface and adds a pop of colour that will brighten up your space.


Click here to download and print the September Monthly Planner.




Feature Image: Gwen Desk


Note: This calendar is intended for personal use only. Print it, enjoy it and share it with your friends! However, commercial use and distribution of this calendar for profit is strictly prohibited. Thanks for your cooperation.

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