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May 21, 2014

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It’s not unusual to see flowery patterns emerge in Spring, both in fashion and in home design. Just like the real thing, they make an appearance every year. This year was different, though. Florals never really left us. They surprised us with an early start – popping up last year on clothing, furniture and accessories – and continued with us right through the long, cold winter months.


The Unikko poppy pattern from EQ3+ partner Marimekko is a great example of the longevity of florals. The graphic and distinctive poppy print was designed in 1964 by Maija Isola, right after Marimekko’s founder Armi Ratia had publicly announced that Marimekko would never print floral patterns. Once Ratia saw the unique poppy design, she immediately included it in Marimekko’s collection. Unikko has remained in production ever since, gaining popularity with each passing decade, and this month marks Unikko’s 50th anniversary!


Enri, EQ3’s Upholstery Product Developer, has been watching and commenting on this flowery trend for months. We’d meet in the office kitchen during the lunch hour, and Enri would point out the latest advertisement or article that he’d discovered.


Today, he’s sharing a few of these inspirational images.



Raf Simons Fall 2013 Capsule Collection for Mr Porter¹


“Fashion dictates trends… usually. This past fall and winter I have observed some fashion brands picking up on floral patterns as a theme for lifestyle photography or on clothing itself. As one can tell, Raf Simons in the capsule collection for Mr Porter has a minimal approach, whereas the spring 2014 circuit campaign by Gucci more of bolder one.


Aspects of fashion are picked up by various industries; therefore it will be interesting to see whether florals will make an appearance in furniture shows later this year or early next year. Floral patterns certainly are not a novelty in furniture. A great example is the classic Marimekko Unikko pattern, which has been around for decades. Well-suited for smaller furniture pieces and accessories, floral patterns could add an aesthetically pleasing, as well as joyful element to our homes, just like flowers naturally do in spring.”  – Enri, Upholstery Product Developer, EQ3



Raf Simons Fall 2013 Capsule Collection for Mr Porter²



Gucci Spring 2014 circuit campaign³




1. Gucci Spring 2014 circuit campaign. Found via Men’s Folio.

2. Raf Simons Fall 2013 Capsule Collection for MR PORTER. Photos by Thomas Brown, Set design by Robert Storey. Found via ViaComIt

3. Raf Simons Fall 2013 Capsule Collection for MR PORTER. Photos by Thomas Brown, Set design by Robert Storey. Found via Trendland.com


Image Sources: credited as shown above

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  • bev

    Pretty patterns! Delightful on accent pieces (both in decorating and clothing) … but can’t quite grasp it on men’s clothing. LOL

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