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Apr 11, 2014

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Design Library Volume 07: Creative Block

Year: 2014

Category: Art

Author: Danielle Krysa

Artworks + Photographs: by individual, featured artists (unless otherwise noted)

Publisher: Chronicle Books, LLC




There’s no shame in admitting that you have creative blocks. Everyone does, including Danielle Krysa, a Canadian artist, graphic designer and blogger living in Vancouver. She had a successful career as a graphic designer and creative director, but found herself lacking confidence as an artist. She would see others’ artwork, and quickly self-doubt and jealous comparisons would set in. 


In an effort to kick this creative block, Danielle started The Jealous Curator: an art blog that turns her jealous “I wish I thought of that” reaction into something positive. Each day, she shares a post about contemporary art that inspires her / makes her jealous (in a good way!), and now instead of being paralyzed by comparisons, Danielle is inspired to head to the studio herself!


For her first book, Creative Block (2014), Danielle interviewed 50 successful artists from around the world to find out how they handle their own creative hurdles.





Featured Artist / Author: Danielle Krysa



Featured Artist: Jen Gotch (Page 98 – 103)


The series of interviews that make up this 288 page paperback give an honest and authentic look at an industry that’s often known for outward egos and hidden insecurities. Creative Block presents a mix of internationally known artists and emerging talent, revealing how both established and new artists alike respond to questions about their art, self-worth and success. The featured artists open up about their own creative blocks, what they do when they’re feeling stuck, and how they handle criticism (both from themselves and from others).


The book combines contemporary art images with inspiring words, tips and advice for getting unstuck on artistic projects and discovering new ideas. Each interview concludes with a challenge from the artist – a Creative unBlock Project to help readers overcome creative blocks and get inspired.


If you’re at all creative (or admire those who are), then this book is for you!



Featured Artist: Arian Behzadi (Page 12 – 17)



Featured Artist: Amanda Happé (Page 108 – 113)



Featured Artist: Julia Pott (Page 256 – 261)



Featured Artist: Trey Speegle (Page 74 – 79)



Featured Artist: Ruan Hoffman (Page 120 – 125)



Featured Artist: Ashley Goldberg (Page 240 – 243)


Interviews to Check Out:


Lisa Golightly (Page 42 – 47), Anthony Zinonos (Page 48 – 53), Matthias Heiderich (Page 54 – 59), Amanda Happé (Page 108 – 113), Leah Giberson (Page 126 – 131), Hollie Chastain (Page 138 – 143), Julia Rothman (Page 144 – 149), Ashley Goldberg (Page 240 – 243), Julia Pott (Page 256 – 261)


Follow Danielle at for daily posts about the artwork she’s currently loving.

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  • bev

    What a creative – and courageous – way for the author/artist to positively “fight back”. Looks wonderfully inspiring.

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