Music Library: Thom’s Tunes

Apr 4, 2014

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We’re always interested to learn how creative people go about their work. How do they get their creative juices flowing?


For many designers, music is a way of tuning out the world and finding inspiration. This certainly is the case for Thom, EQ3’s Creative Director. When he’s not in meetings or doing store visits, you can usually find Thom at his computer with ear buds in and the music playing.


Here’s 13 tracks that Thom’s currently listening to while he works. May they inspire your work day too!



PLAYLIST 04.04.2014




01. Under the Pressure | The War on Drugs

02. Blue Moon | Beck

03. Crime | Real Estate

04. Remember Our Days | Lotus Plaza

05. Hero of the War | Scott Walker

06. Heavy Stones | Cad VanGaalen

07. Queen Jane Approximately | Bob Dylan

08. Air Conditioning | DIIV

09. Black Rice | Women

10. Hospice Gates | Lower Dens

11. Out Getting Ribs | King Krule

12. Swept Inside | Future Islands

13. Before the Bridge | Future Islands


Album cover art by Alex, EQ3 Graphic Designer


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