Instagram: March 2014

Mar 31, 2014

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March went by in a flash. Can we all agree? We need help processing it all, and what better way than with an Instagram round-up from the EQ3 staff at our head office and retail stores! We’ve added a new slideshow feature to our Instagram series that we hope you’ll enjoy. Simply click the ‘Play Slideshow’ button below to view larger versions of each image.


Our favourite image this month is a selfie from Charles (see below), EQ3’s in-house photographer. In addition to getting the perfect shot, he’s usually busy moving furniture, hanging lighting, ironing sheets…and, anything else you can think of! Here he is prepping a new duvet cover for its close-up. Watch for it at EQ3 stores soon!

Other Instagram highlights include a work in progress shot from one of our graphic designers, travel photos (we had to, this winter’s just been too long!), Saint Patty’s Day fun, and other snippets from outside the office.


Instagrams taken by staff at our Head Office and EQ3 retail stores. For more great Instagrams, follow our company account @EQ3_Furniture.

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