Make Your Own Marimekko Stretched Canvas Artwork

Mar 18, 2014

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You might remember this set up from a couple of weeks ago, when we introduced EQ3’s new Harvest Entryway collection. The bright floral artwork featured in the shot is actually a DIY project that we tackled here at the head office with some Unikko fabric – picked up from our local EQ3 Marimekko Shop in Shop.


Current shop in shop locations include EQ3 Montréal, EQ3 Brossard, EQ3 Toronto – Hanna St., EQ3 Toronto – King St., EQ3 Ottawa, EQ3 Winnipeg, EQ3 Calgary and EQ3 Emeryville, CA. And, for some exciting news: Marimekko fabric will soon be available to our online customers at! Watch for the big announcement in the coming months.


We’ve broken down the project into 5 steps. Follow this simple tutorial and, in no time, you’ll have your very own Marimekko Artwork too!






This project comes together easily with a section of patterned fabric and a Stretcher Bar Kit (a wood bar kit used to stretch canvas or fabric to a desired size). Kits come in different sizes, and can be found online through sites like Amazon or Ebay, or through your local craft/art supplies store.


Materials + Supplies:

Fabric, cut 2″ wider and longer than finished frame (we used Marimekko’s Unikko Poppy in heavy weight cotton)

Stretcher bar kit, assembled according to package directions



Staple gun





Step 1: Build canvas frame, following the package directions on stretcher bar kit. The process may vary depending on the kit used, but here’s the basic process for reference: Adjoin two of the mitered wood pieces together to create a 90 degree angle. Add the remaining two wood pieces until you have built a four-sided frame. Note: Pieces should fit easily together with the pre-made joint.









Step 2: Lay pre-cut fabric face down on work surface. Lay frame on top of fabric, centering it so that approximately 1″ of fabric extends on all four sides.





Step 3: Beginning with the midpoint of one side of the frame, pull fabric tightly around the frame and secure on the back (midpoint) with one staple. Repeat the process on the opposite side of the frame, making sure the fabric is as tight and smooth as possible. Do the same on the remaining two sides. The fabric should now be stapled at the midpoint of each side.









Step 4: Continue stapling around the frame. Work your way from the midpoint out, leaving the fabric at each of the four corners unstapled.







Step 5: Trim corner flaps on a 45 degree angle. Fold and pull the sides tight at one corner and staple to frame. Repeat the process for all four corners. Trim any frayed strands of fabric from the back side.









And, you’re done! We love using these stretched canvas frames in EQ3 retail stores to liven up room settings and displays. Here’s how we’re designing with them:










Thinking of trying this project? We’d love to see it.

Instagram or Tweet a photo to us @EQ3_Furniture using the hashtag #EQ3Spotted.


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