Blogger’s Style: Marie-Ève from Lake Jane

Mar 11, 2014

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We are thrilled to have Marie-Ève Best as EQ3’s March Blogger of the Month! Based in Montréal, Marie-Ève runs Marie-Eve Best Interiors, a design consulting business that focuses on sustainable and accessible design. She works with homeowners to redesign their spaces using a combination of new and existing pieces, and regularly sources furniture from for her clients. Marie-Ève is also the founder and editor of Lake Jane, a blog sharing her love of design, decor, fashion, food, travel and more.


She recently moved into a new house, and has been busy designing every room to suit her young family’s needs. As is often the case, the master bedroom was the last room in the house to get Marie-Ève’s attention, but armed with a pair of EQ3 Tate End Tables, Marie-Ève has now transformed her bedroom into a beautiful, functional and modern space.






“I love a bedroom to be serene, airy and open. I usually leave the walls quite bare, stick to all-white bedding and carefully select accessories that are both functional and interesting to dress up the space. Our king-size bed is a monster so it leaves little room for more furniture, which means that I have to be extra selective about the pieces we bring into the room. Up until recently, we were using outdoor tables as end tables. This was due, in part, to laziness and to the fact that simply we couldn’t find nightstands that featured clean lines, a large surface and a height that worked well with our low (and gigantic) king-size bed. I don’t like nightstands with too many shelves or drawers because they inevitably become cluttered and are a pain to dust. What I need is a simple table that can hold my bedside essentials: a book or two, my cell phone and a candle. After months of looking at nightstands that were too big or too high for our bed, I began to look at end tables instead and found that I had way more options available to me. Investing in versatile modern end tables is always a good idea because you can easily move them to another room, like a living room or den, should you want to switch things up.


I chose the Tate Side Table because I loved the simple tripod leg contrasted with a large round white surface. The design is timeless and the scale is perfect for a bedroom. It has more than enough room to hold our bedside essentials and has a light footprint that allows the space around our bed to breathe. The oak legs blend in nicely with the floors making the tables feel even lighter.”  – Marie-Ève, Lake Jane




Image Source: All photographs credited to Marie-Ève Best

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  • bev

    What a beautiful little table. I think I’d need a shelf or drawer, but that’s what knowing yourself and your needs is all about.

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