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Feb 18, 2014

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Design Library Volume 05: PIN-UP Interviews

Year: 2013

Category: Interviews, Architecture / Art / Design

Producer: PIN-UP Magazine, with text by Felix Burrichter (Editor/Creative Director)

Publisher: powerHouse Books




PIN-UP is a biannual architecture magazine that gives readers a playful and informal look at the architecture industry. Self-proclaimed as “pure architectural entertainment,” the magazine is known for their candid and conversational interviews with architects, artists and designers from around the world.


This book – PIN-UP Interviews – is a collection of 57 of those interviews. No visuals. Just text. This may sound daunting, but we assure you it’s not. The book’s forward sets a casual and cheeky tone, and the designer briefs that preface each interview are equally entertaining. And as for the interviews themselves, they are thought-provoking, without being stuffy!








We recommend checking out Shigeru Ban (Page 29), Martino Gamper (Page 131), Junya Ishigami (Page 172) and ROLU (Page 340).


Shigeru Ban, Architect, New York (Page 29 – 35)

Ban is well known for his use of cardboard and paper-tube structures, but what struck us most was how he balances high end projects with humanitarian relief efforts (Ban designs temporary structures for refugees).


Martino Gamper, Furniture Designer, London (Page 131 – 138)

Gamper has garnered much attention for his exhibition “100 Chairs in 100 Days,” where he transformed old chairs into new chairs, ones that were altogether different from their original form.


Junya Ishigami, Architect, London (Page 172 – 177)

Ishigami grew up in ‘Suberbia’ in a condominium outside of Tokyo. It’s not surprising then that his work focuses on the very thing he grew up without – a strong connection between architecture and landscape.


ROLU, Landscape + Furniture Designers, Minneapolis / New York (Page 340 – 348)

Matt Olson and Mike Brady are punk-rock musicians turned landscape architects and furniture designers (among other things) in Minneapolis! Olson blogs for ROLU ( and we enjoyed his commentary on the accessibility of images and ideas on the internet. Designers are often afraid to admit that they’re inspired by others work, but Olson’s excited to share his work and where it came from.



Visit the PIN-UP website to learn more about the book and the architects, artists and designers featured.


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