EQ3 Spring Catalogue Photoshoot

Jan 21, 2014

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We’re really excited about EQ3’s new Spring Collection. A few pieces have already made their way into EQ3 stores, and the majority will follow over the next few weeks and months. The collection features natural and textured materials like solid wood, felt, wool, cotton and linen and focuses on “comfortable, wholesome, natural products,” says Madi, EQ3’s Casegood Product Development Coordinator.


We celebrate new products every fall season with EQ3’s annual catalogue, but this year, that seemed just too long to wait. And so, the decision was made to create a supplemental catalogue – a printed publication introducing some of our newest furniture and accessories, as well as items already in stores that fit perfectly into the spring season and a more relaxed way of living. Our in-house photographer, creative director, senior graphic designer and visual coordinator met together last week for the catalogue photoshoot. We joined them on set in an unfinished loft in Winnipeg’s Exchange District to capture some behind the scenes footage of the 3-day shoot. As luck would have it, Day 1 was bitterly cold and windy (our iPhone showed a windchill of -32 degrees celcius). Brrr…nothing like shooting the spring catalogue with a blizzard outside. Thank goodness for indoor plants!


Keep on reading for more fun photoshoot tidbits.



Thom (Creative Director) used a Mamiya 645 medium format camera to help communicate the framing of some photos with our photographer, Charles. The camera acted as a viewfinder for Thom, since he’s better versed in film photography, than digital.



Sketches that Thom drew up in preparation for the shoot.



Cliff (Visual Coordinator) put together the new Tessa Mod Shelf himself. So simple.



The mess that accumulated just beyond the camera lens, and continued to grow as the shoot went on.



Cliff went on a plant run the morning of Day 1…in the blizzard.



Thom propped the Tessa Mod Shelf with books the team brought in from home.



Cliff continued playing around with the arrangement, filling with plants, vases, bowls and more books.



Charles (Marketing Photographer) and Thom had fun with a bolt of Marimekko’s new fabric.



The new Farmhouse table was brought in for the shoot and looked great in the loft’s minimalist interior.



It may not look like much here, but from overhead this dining lifestyle image looked delicious.



Boys with their toys. Charles and Thom compared cameras over coffee break.



Charles used exposed ceiling pipes to suspend lighting over our table arrangement. The light was hung surprisingly low so it would look good for the shot.



The sun made an unexpected appearance towards the end of Day 1 and the team took full advantage of the light for our dining lifestyle image.


The Spring Catalogue will be available in the beginning of March. Stay tuned for more details!


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