Design Library: A Visual Inventory, John Pawson

Jan 15, 2014

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Design Library Volume 04: A Visual Inventory

Year: 2012

Category: Photography, Inventory/archive

Author + Photographer: John Pawson

Co-author: Allison Morris

Publisher: Phaidon Press Limited




John Pawson is a British designer who runs his own architecture practice out of London, England. Rarely without a camera, Pawson has captured hundreds of thousands of images – over a quarter of a million at the time this book was released – since acquiring his first digital camera.


A Visual Inventory catalogues 272 of Pawson’s image files. The images are featured in pairs, and each is personally annotated to describe the scene from his intimate point of view. Known for his minimalist designs, Pawson surprises readers with great variety in the subjects captured – minimalist architecture is showcased alongside ancient ruins, palatial architecture, construction sites, and exterior landscapes.


Together, these images “add up to a perspective, to an archive of a way of looking,” says Pawson. They create an opportunity to step away from your present surroundings, and see the world through Pawson’s eyes. It’s a world where no detail goes unnoticed, where fleeting moments are captured with the snap of a lens and allowed to live on and be remembered forever.














The above shots are just a small sampling of the beautiful images you’ll find in John Pawson’s book A Visual Inventory. Pick up a copy of this book and explore Pawson’s world for yourself. Also, check out Pawson’s online journal to follow his most recent photography.


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