Music Library: Bringing the Heat

Jan 10, 2014

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Oh (cold) snap! It’s been a harsh winter out here in Winnipeg, and a quick scroll down our Facebook and Twitter news feeds tells us we’re not alone. We need a break. A break from talk of ice storms and windchill factors and polar vortexes. A break from Tweets comparing Winnipeg temps to those of Mars.


Not all of us have the luxury of jetting off someplace warm, so we’re “Bringing the Heat” to you. Amy (that’s me!) has compiled 12 folky tunes that’ll instantly transport you to your favourite outdoor music festival.



PLAYLIST 01.10.2014




01. Echoes | The Wilderness of Manitoba
02. Flowers | Tinpan Orange
03. Stompa | Serena Ryder
04. Mismatched Eyes (Boat Song) | Whitehorse
05. Hello? Goodbye! | Lake Street Dive
06. Lost in My Mind | The Head and the Heart
07. Meet Me at the Edge of the World | Over the Rhine
08. Dog Days Are Over | Florence + the Machine
19. I and Love and You | The Avett Brothers
10. Mountain Sound | Of Monsters and Men
11. Over the Sun | Tinpan Orange
12. Follow the Road | The Dunwells


Album cover art by Heather, EQ3 Graphic Designer.


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