The Craft: Block Printing in India

Nov 28, 2013

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While travelling in India for work this past October, EQ3’s Accessory Product Manager Carla Zacharias discovered the art of Block Printing. She came back with beautiful photographs documenting the process of this craft, which she likens to that of stamp making – just on a much larger scale.


Every block printing project begins with a graphic or design drawn or printed onto paper.




From there, the artisan sets up a wood block and lays a piece of carbon paper (paper with black on one side) over top. The paper graphic or design is then layed on top of the carbon paper and the artisan traces over the original design. The carbon paper transfers the tracing onto the wood block and the artisan then carves out the design using a thin, sharp piece of metal and a hammer that’s essentially just a piece of wood. A handle is added to the back of the carved block and the stamp is ready to be applied to fabric, paper or some other material.


The block print artisans are extremely skilled (as you can see from these photos!) and designs can be as simple or intricate as desired.












Are you an artist or designer who’d like to see your work produced and sold across the country and beyond? EQ3 is currently looking for designs that can be produced with the block printing technique. Submit your art and designs by email to or send us a private message on the EQ3 Facebook Page.

Please include ‘EQ3 Art + Design Submission’ in the subject line.


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