Playing Favourites II: Geometry (Textures) on at Design Exchange

Nov 12, 2013

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Geometric forms have emerged as a strong design trend in recent years, crossing creative disciplines like industrial, interior and graphic design, as well as art and architecture, but this growing trend actually uses basic design elements and principles that have been around for ages.




Canada’s Design Museum, the Design Exchange (DX) is exploring this theme with their newest exhibition titled Playing Favourites II: Geometry (Textures).  The Design Exchange asked some of the nation’s best architects and designers about the Canadian structures, graphics and objects that interest them most from the DX permanent collection of post war and contemporary Industrial Design.


The result is a collection of Canadian works – both old and new – exploring shape, point, line, pattern and tactility. The exhibition highlights the processes, materials, sensations and elements of design, and includes designs by Jerszy Seymour, Philippe Malouin, Michal Maciej Bartosik, Frank Gehry, Castor, Tobias Wong, Jonathan Sabine, Patty Johnson, Robin Bush, Zoe Mowat, Stefan Siwinski and more.



Les Ailes Noires (2012), Steel. Designer: +tongtong



Amateur Masters Chair (2012), Polycaprolactone wax. Designer: Jerszy Seymour



Left: Abstraction Tapestry (2010), Merino wool. Designer: Philippe Malouin / Right: Wiggle Chair (1972), Cardboard. Designer: Frank Gehry


Geometry (Textures) is on now through January 3, 2014 at the Design Exchange. If you plan on taking in the event, EQ3’s Creative Director Thom Fougere has a few suggestions for designers to check out: Castor, Tobias Wong, Zoe Mowat and Patty Johnson.


And, for more design visuals around this theme, check out EQ3’s new ‘Geometry’ Pinterest Board.


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