Design Library: An Eames Primer (and a giveaway)

Nov 6, 2013

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Design Library Volume 02: An Eames Primer

Year: 2002, Updated 2013

Category: Thematic Biography

Author: Eames Demetrios

Publisher: Universe


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Our interview with Eames Demetrios was both exciting and inspiring. We could have sat with him for hours, asking question after question about his grandparents, legendary Mid-Century Modern designers Charles and Ray Eames. Of course, like all good things, the interview was a bit of a blur and ended much too soon!


So we were pretty excited to receive a couple of signed copies of Eames’ newly released and updated edition of An Eames Primer (keep reading for a chance to win one of them)! The book offers an in-depth look at Charles and Ray’s legacy. It’s easy to forget how expansive the Eameses reach was and that they crossed almost every creative industry out there. They really did do it all. And, Eames Demetrios’ book showcases this in a very personal way, writing from the perspective of both Charles and Ray’s grandson and Director of the Eames Office.


Eames originally wanted to keep the book free of pictures or imagery, but he ended up including a selection of old photographs, images and sketches that give the book an Encyclopedia (or Wikipedia) feel. We’re not sure if this was the intended effect, but it helps to illustrate the variety of projects Charles and Ray worked on and draws attention to the lesser-known of these.













We’re giving away 3 signed copies of An Eames Primer to our blog readers.

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