The Craft: The Artist’s Life with Kal Barteski

Nov 5, 2013

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Today we’re taking you inside Kal Barteski’s art studio to discover what it’s really like to be a full-time painter and designer. She began taking drawing lessons around as a young girl and studied graphic design in college. She’s been painting and designing full-time ever since, and today she’s known around the world for her acrylic canvas paintings, art prints and brush script illustrations.




“I was always a painter,” says Kal. You can feel it, too, when you talk with her. She’s animated and passionate – it’s easy to see that this profession is more than just a job to her. In fact, art filters into every part of her life. She sees everything as art, describing it as “a moment and how it’s translated through the senses.”


Her client/project list includes a 3-year campaign with Vita Coco coconut water out of Brazil with Rhianna and Kelly Slater, last year’s Fashion Week in Paris, DeLeon tequila, The Minimalist, and Canada’s very own UPPERCASE Magazine to name a few. Other creds include a role in a documentary for Animal Planet and a TEDx Talk this year, which aired earlier this fall. She’s currently working on a 3-year campaign with European company Estrella Damm (the beer of Barcelona)!



Artist Kal Barteski sipping a cuppa’ in her third-floor art studio.




Kal starts her day in front of the computer in the third-floor art studio of her old character home. She spends about an hour catching up on the internet (reading papers, checking on Twitter and Facebook) and drinking as many cups of coffee as she can.


With her caffeine fix covered, Kal puts on her headphones to shut out the world. And, after that, everyday is different. Kal changes up the music genre daily (music is through her RDO account) and then she, in her words, “just goes for it.” Some days are spent at her easel working on a canvas painting, while others are spent crouched on her knees scripting words with black paint.


She gets lost in her work for the rest of the morning and afternoon. Then at 4:30pm, Kal packs up her brushes and her nanny leaves for the day. Kal spends the evening with her three children and once the kids are asleep in their beds, she and her husband begin shipping out orders. This goes on for the remainder of the night, usually wrapping up around midnight.


In the morning, she starts all over again.
















Thanks for opening up your studio to us, Kal.

Want to see more of Kal’s work? Check out her online shop and blog.

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  • bev

    Her passion and dedication are amazing! Thanks for sharing. Always inspiring and “stretching” to see into the lives and routines of others.

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