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Instagram: October 2013

Oct 31, 2013

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Here’s what we’ve been up to this month…




Top Row (left to right):


1. On an afternoon drive we spotted this piece of history on the highway. Built in 1887, it’s the only remains of a pioneer settlement called Union Point, just outside Winnipeg.  – Allison, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

2. Learning the process of block printing.  – Carla, Product Development Coordinator

3.  2013 Holiday Gift Guide Photoshoot (behind the scenes).  – Paul, Senior Graphic Designer


Middle Row (left to right):


1. Carving pumpkins with my brother. #tbt  – Heather, Graphic Designer

2. The storefront for MAKE café & design gallery in Winnipeg. Currently exhibiting their current light shade collection, a result of an international design competition.  – Thom, Creative Director

3. Capping off the weekend with some vino and chocolate.  – Amy, Social Media Associate


Bottom Row (left to right):


1. An “exciting” evening out.  – Heather, Graphic Designer

2. I seriously love ice rinks.  – Brenna, Merchandising & Store Planning Designer

3. Woven yarn + Fall.  – Carla, Product Development Coordinator


Instagrams taken by members of our marketing, merchandising and product design and development teams.

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Inside Alessi and Michael Graves’ 9093 Kettle

Oct 30, 2013


The Alessi Facebook Page just posted this video tour of their factory. At just over 30 seconds long, the video offers a cool, fast-forwarded look at the production process of Michael Graves’ iconic 9093 Kettle with bird whistle.


You can watch the video clip here.

Alessi-Video-Factory-9093-KettleVideo by Alessi.


Introduced by Alessi in 1985, the Michael’s kettle combines influences from Art Deco, Pop Art and even the language of cartoons. The bird sitting on the kettle’s spout actually sings when the water is boiled. A matching sugar bowl and creamer are also available. You can shop all of these EQ3+ Alessis products and more here.

Architecture Tour at the WAG

Oct 29, 2013

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Built in 1971, the Winnipeg Art Galllery is a striking Canadian example of the late-modernist architecture period. So when the WAG’s Art for Lunch program was offering an architecture tour of their building last month, we decided to check it out.




Organized by the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation for the Winnipeg Design Festival, the tour educated us with a brief history lesson on the WAG, followed by a guided walk-through of each level. We were surprised to learn that the building’s design was actually chosen through a competition.


It’s unique shape was designed to fit the triangular site purchased for the WAG, while the tyndall limestone cladding on the building’s exterior and interior was an appropriate choice for the area, as this particular stone is quarried locally in Manitoba. The stone was left in its natural state, leaving the various fossils and imperfections visible.


The upper level’s pièce de résistance is the half-moon shaped skylight, which was designed with a dark framed grid. Mid-century modern designs furnish the boardroom, which sadly was occupied during our visit. We did, however, manage to see the theatre seating that was custom designed by Charles and Ray Eames (and manufactured by Herman Miller) for the WAG’s auditorium.




















1. The Winnipeg Arg Gallery has an overview on the building’s history. Check out their Facts Page to learn more.

2. The Winnipeg Architecture Foundation outlines the results of the Winnipeg Art Gallery Architecture Competition here.

Win An EQ3 Gift Card Valued $10,000

Oct 25, 2013

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We love posting inspiration, sharing behind the scenes photos, promoting special sales and connecting with our fans on the EQ3 Facebook Page. Help us grow our online community and you could win an EQ3 Gift Card valued up to $10,000. We’ll add to the card’s value with every milestone reached, up to $10,000!




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Note: Please review the Official Rules and Regulations here for complete details. Campaign ends November 17th, 2013.

The Craft: Interior Prop Styling with Covet Magazine

Oct 21, 2013

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We wanted to learn about the creative process behind specific crafts and art forms (and we thought you might too!), so we’re launching a new blog series that visually documents the work and skills of designers, artisans and other creatives. Each post will highlight a different craft and will feature photographs, taken by us, of the process.


To kick off the series, we’re taking you inside a one-story home in Winnipeg’s beautiful Riverview neighbourhood, where Kara Marantz was setting up for a photoshoot with photographer Rachael King Johnson for Covet Magazine. Kara, an interior designer and an EQ3 Shop at Home design consultant, had worked closely with the homeowners, helping them revamp their open concept kitchen and dining room (pictured here) and adjoining living room (not shown).



Designer Kara Marantz anchored the open-concept dining area with EQ3’s popular Harvest Dining table.



It was late August, and in typical prairie fashion, the day was a hot and humid one. Inside the home, though, Kara and the folks from Covet were busy prop styling the interior with autumnal-inspired goods, along with a few home accessories from EQ3. The complete design is featured in Covet’s Fall 2013 issue, but we snuck a few shots of our own to show you what went on behind the scenes.




Covet co-founders Leigh and Bahia begin every feature by looking at the space they want to photograph for the magazine. They get to know the family and the designer to find out how the space is used so they can share the family’s story in such a way that readers can connect with the design and be inspired by it. The magazine’s founders strive to source local goods whenever possible, so that readers can easily buy the items they see and love. And, when it comes time to prop style for a photoshoot, Leigh and Bahia are careful to add to existing elements, rather than overhaul the interior. Leigh admits that everything is a blur. “How everything comes together,” says Leigh, “…it surprises you. It’s (been) such a positive experience, overall.”




We asked Kara Marantz for her thoughts on the day’s shoot. This was her first time going through the process (though you’d never have guessed it…she was a pro) and we wanted to know what she thought of the experience.


“I have been reading design magazines for years but it was really interesting participating in the styling for a photoshoot, as this was my first time. The staging of food and drink to enhance the spaces and provide a more lived in look was great fun. I really enjoyed the process and working with the amazing team from Covet and the very talented photographer Rachael King Johnson. My clients were so nice to open up their home to us for the photoshoot. I can’t wait to see the article!” says Kara of the experience.








From top-left to bottom-right:

1. Kara puts together a delicious plate of cupcakes from The Cupcake Corner.

2. Leigh creates simple floral arrangements with bunches of orange and yellow blooms.

3. Interior Designer Kara Marantz makes the kitchen magazine-ready.

4. EQ3’s rubberwood cheese board with all the fixings.

5. Kara fills an EQ3+ Sagaform Wine / Water Carafe with red wine – a must for any kitchen lifestyle shoot!

6. Photographer Rachael King Johnson captures the delicious spread and the dining room beyond.

7. Arthur stops by to lend a hand with styling EQ3’s Harvest Dining Table and to pick up some facts for the feature’s written content.

8. Kara pulls out her tools to hang some last-minute artwork in the adjoining living room.


Thank you to Covet for the opportunity to join them on set. And, congratulations to Kara on her first magazine feature. Looking forward to seeing more of her work showcased in future issues! 

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