Instagram: It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Sep 27, 2013

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Every month, after we’ve put the call out to our design and marketing teams for their latest Instagram faves (which we’ve rounded-up for the blog each month here: April, May, JuneJuly and August), someone always comes back with a shot of their precious pet. Well, this month, the team came back with not one, but FOUR shots of their furry friends and we couldn’t resist the urge to corral all of the unpublished ones over the past 6 months into this special Pet Edition of our Instagram round-up series.


For your Friday viewing pleasure…




She knows her good angles. #model  – Heather’s dog Brooklyn is pictured top row, image 1 and 2, and bottom row, image 9.


This sweetie pie could make anyone’s heart melt. I think I might steal her…  – Heather’s friend’s dog Lola is pictured middle row, image 4.


Chico the Boston Terrier.  – Paul’s brother’s dog Chico is pictured middle row, centre.


Our cat Alan is our little prince.  – Alex’s cat Alan is pictured middle row, image 6 and bottom row, image 7.


Even Willow loves the new cabin! – Brenna’s cat Willow is pictured  top row, image 3.


Meow. Cat print dish towel (by Lisa Larson) from Sweden.  – Carla’s dish towel is pictured bottom row, image 8.


Instagrams taken by members of our marketing, merchandising and product design and development teams.

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