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Instagram: September 2013

Sep 30, 2013


It’s hard to believe September’s over. Last week we posted a special pet edition of our monthly Instagram round-up. It’s worth a look, so if you missed the post when it was first published, you can catch it here.


This week, we’re back to regular programming with another round-up of our team’s favourite personal ‘grams from the past month.




Top Row (left to right):


1. Ma hood. #daprairies #represent  – Heather, Graphic Designer

2. Bike Polo at this year’s Manyfest.  – Charles, Marketing Photographer

3. Lake of the Woods.  – Enri, Upholstery Product Developer


Middle Row (left to right):


1. This is an Instagram I took when the Polo store (EQ3 Winnipeg) was first going under construction – and we covered all the furniture in sheets to protect it from paint and drywall dust.  – Cliff, Visual Coordinator (Winnipeg)

2. My supposed crab apple tree is actually a pear tree that grows the most delicious mini pears. Pear crisp for life!  – Allison, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

3. Pop Up Shop: Thom Fougere + Børge Mogensen  – Thom, Creative Director


Bottom Row (left to right):


1. I am addicted to these.  – Carla, Product Development Coordinator

2. Blue Stick Garden from the Cool Gardens Exhibition, part of the Winnipeg Design Festival.  – Alex, Graphic Designer

3. Blown glass. This picture was only taken to fill up Amy’s Instagram round up. You’re welcome Amy.  – Carla, Product Development Coordinator


Instagrams taken by members of our marketing, merchandising and product design and development teams.

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Eames Design Event Photo Montage

Sep 29, 2013

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Last weekend, the EQ3 Winnipeg store played host to about 140 of the city’s biggest design enthusiasts and professionals to officially closeout the 2013 Winnipeg Design Festival.


Eames Demetrios, Director of the Eames Office and grandson of the legendary mid-century modern design duo Charles and Ray Eames, joined us as the festival’s keynote speaker. The theme for the night was Eames Design Thinking: 36 Years On. There was great food, wine, music and conversation; and, off course, an inspiring presentation from Eames. It was the perfect way to cap off the festival.



Keynote speaker, Eames Demetrios, prepping for his presentation before guests arrive.


The Winnipeg store had received a complete reno just prior to the big event, giving guests a chance to check out the new design at the party…with drinks in hand! Thank you to everyone who took in the event and celebrated with us. It really was a memorable night.


For those of you who couldn’t join us, we have a full photo recap for you below. So pour yourself a glass wine and scroll on down. It’ll be as if you were right in the store there with us.









Emil, one of our guests, arrived with his vintage Eames shell chair in tow! But more on that later…



EQ3 President and CEO Peter Tielmann with Executive Assistant Bridget.





Christina Petersson, EQ3 Product Development Consultant



EQ3 President and CEO Peter Tielmann with Eames Demetrios.



Thom Fougere, EQ3 Creative Director, with members of the Winnipeg Design Festival team.







EQ3 team members, Enri and Bia.



Eames Demetrios and Peter Tielmann with Herbert Enns, Director of Experimental Media Research Group and University of Manitoba Professor of Architecture.



Herbert Enns gave opening remarks at the event.


Coming soon! Join us on the blog next week as we launch a mini video series featuring EQ3’s interview with Eames Demetrios.

Instagram: It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Sep 27, 2013

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Every month, after we’ve put the call out to our design and marketing teams for their latest Instagram faves (which we’ve rounded-up for the blog each month here: April, May, JuneJuly and August), someone always comes back with a shot of their precious pet. Well, this month, the team came back with not one, but FOUR shots of their furry friends and we couldn’t resist the urge to corral all of the unpublished ones over the past 6 months into this special Pet Edition of our Instagram round-up series.


For your Friday viewing pleasure…




She knows her good angles. #model  – Heather’s dog Brooklyn is pictured top row, image 1 and 2, and bottom row, image 9.


This sweetie pie could make anyone’s heart melt. I think I might steal her…  – Heather’s friend’s dog Lola is pictured middle row, image 4.


Chico the Boston Terrier.  – Paul’s brother’s dog Chico is pictured middle row, centre.


Our cat Alan is our little prince.  – Alex’s cat Alan is pictured middle row, image 6 and bottom row, image 7.


Even Willow loves the new cabin! – Brenna’s cat Willow is pictured  top row, image 3.


Meow. Cat print dish towel (by Lisa Larson) from Sweden.  – Carla’s dish towel is pictured bottom row, image 8.


Instagrams taken by members of our marketing, merchandising and product design and development teams.

For more great Instagrams, follow our company account @EQ3_Furniture.

Blogger’s Style: Christine from Bijou and Boheme

Sep 24, 2013


We’ve been thrilled to have Christine Dovey as the EQ3 Blogger of the Month. An artist by trade, Christine writes about her affinity for glamour and all things pretty over at Bijou and Boheme, her widely read, GTA based design and lifestyle blog. Christine is also a contributing columnist in Style at Home Magazine and a contributing blogger over at Styleathome.com, where she regularly informs readers of the latest online trends in home decor and design.


Earlier this month, on the EQ3 Facebook Page, Christine told us what she loved about the EQ3+ Design House Stockholm Work Lamp, a favourite of hers from our line of home accessories. Today, Christine is taking us on a tour of her living room, showing us how she’s making the Work Lamp work for her and her young family.












“When it came to styling my EQ3 Stockholm light, I quickly realized one small problem…the damn thing just looked good everywhere, which made choosing a single home for it very difficult. In the end, I decided to photograph the light all around my living room just to showcase what an incredibly versatile piece it is.


To begin, I placed the light on the credenza underneath my TV…resting comfortably on a stack of books and surrounded by candles and artwork, it’s the perfect finishing touch for this vignette. Next, I moved the Work Lamp to the tulip table that sits beside one of the room’s lounge chairs; placed here and mixed amongst other statement accessories, I think it makes for the best kind of task lighting…functional and fabulous. The fixture then travelled over to the other side of the room and found a spot on a small marble side table beside my antique settee…here the modern light serves as the perfect counter balance to the delicate furniture it’s placed beside. Next, I moved the light on the console table behind my sofa, again on a stack of books…here the light really takes centre stage as a beautifully decorative piece. And finally, to finish up its ‘tour de living room’, the Work Lamp went full circle to the other side of the space and was hung behind my Platner chair and suspended from a large hanging mirror…again, the industrial and almost masculine feel of the light was the perfect juxtaposition to the frillier pieces around it.


I’m entirely smitten with my new Stockholm light…its rugged form and luxurious gold finish make it a piece that gives equal weight to both form and function…and though I’m one who always looks foremost for pretty, the fact that this light looks good and acts good, makes it a delightful winner in my books.”  – Christine Dovey, Bijou and Boheme


Image Source: All photographs credited to Christine Dovey

#EQ3Spotted: Jeffrey’s Colourful Mid-Century Living Space

Sep 20, 2013

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Kathryn, our design consultant at EQ3 Emeryville, sent over these interior shots of her client Jeffrey’s home. The space is bright, lively and chock full of colourful furnishings – a refreshing departure from the various shades of grey, beige and greige that are often seen in North American homes.




In the living room, Solo Chairs in yellow speak to Jeffrey’s fearlessness with colour. He kept the look classic by introducing other clean-lined, modern furnishings from EQ3, like the Marble Coffee Table, Scout End Table and Byrd Chair.


In the adjacent dining room, a pair of red EQ3+ Vitra Panton Chairs make an equally colourful statement, creating a sense of balance between the two spaces. A chunky EQ3 Harvest Bench and red Frame 3-Tier Shelf sit opposite the Panton Chairs. The shelf was cleverly put to use as a music station, complete with retro record player, record albums and an EQ3+ Design House Stockholm Block Lamp. The overall effect is playful with loads of personality. Thanks for the tour, Jeffrey!


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