Instagram: August 2013

Aug 31, 2013


An insta-look into our personal lives from the month of August (via Instagram).




Top Row (left to right):


1. Prairie sky on a mini road trip.  – Heather, Graphic Designer

2. A Japanese tea cup I made while in pottery class this summer.  – Thom Fougere, Creative Director

3. Preparing to kite surf in Squamish B.C. 2013 Kite Clash.  – Charles, Marketing Photographer


Middle Row (left to right):


4. Home grown Salt Spring Island food!  – Carla, Product Development Coordinator

5. Beaver icon.  – Alex, Graphic Designer

6. There’s not a lot of beauty to be found in some of the more industrialized areas I visit (while on factory tours) in South China. So, when I stumbled upon these stones – so perfectly imperfect – I got all like that cat emoticon with hearts for eyes and naturally used all my overseas data to post it to insta.  – Madi, Casegood Product Development Coordinator


Bottom Row (left to right):


7. The lesser known Broadway theatre (in Saskatoon).  – Amy, Social Media Associate

8. Osheaga 2013, Parc-Jean Drapeau, Montreal  – Paul, Senior Graphic Designer

9. Quick illustration of my cat Alan.  – Alex, Graphic Designer


Instagrams taken by members of our marketing and product design and development teams.

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