The 2013-14 Catalogue Is Here

Aug 20, 2013


We’re excited to announce the arrival of the EQ3 2013-2014 Catalogue!


It’s important to us that our catalogue represents everyday modern living. This is why all of the lifestyle images you’ll find on it’s pages were photographed inside real homes, belonging to real people. We scouted out some amazing spaces – both big and small – for this year’s publication. Get inspired by the mix of architecture, design and furniture featured.


To help celebrate the new release, we’ve pulled together some behind-the-scenes photos, along with some fun facts and figures that give an insider’s look into the making of the catalogue.







The cover image for the 2013 Catalogue was shot on the last day of a two week whirlwind, inside a downtown condo that was (and still is) under construction. The elevators weren’t yet functioning and the ideal space we wanted to use was 5 stories up. The production team considered using the outdoor pulley system, intended for bricks and other building materials, to haul furniture up and down. With visions of injuries and other disasters, we decided to bite the bullet and walk all the product up the stairs. We feared we’d lose some key staff that day, but thankfully we all survived.





First space to be photographed: Elise Sofa lifestyle (Page 25, see below for our behind-the-scenes shot).

Last space to be photographed: Stride Sleeper lifestyle (Page 26).








Time it took to prep for photoshoot: 6 months

Number of sets designed for the shoot: 0

Number of real life homes we shot in: 7

Number of photographers flown in from Europe: 1

Time spent ‘on location’: 2 weeks

Average number of people on set each day: 9

Number of fights that broke out: None (thank goodness)

Number of tacos eaten: 12

Amount of coffee runs required for survival: 16 (give or take)

Number of shots achieved: 43

Actual number of lifestyle photos to make it into the catalogue: 21 *including one that makes an encore appearance from our 2012 catalogue
























Cutest moment: Sneaking a furry friend into the shot. Find her on Page 2.


Most Awkward Moment: Accessory and Product Coordinator Carla pushing for her favourite new lantern – the Hurricane – to be prominently featured in several lifestyles, only to have it removed out of the shot time and time again. It just wasn’t meant to be. Sorry Carla.


Most Ridiculous Moment: Graphic Designer Alex living with a bedroom in his living room (and his living room in the hallway) for 4 days. See the Harvest Bedroom lifestyle shot we achieved in his space on Pages 66-67.


Best Moment: When the team successfully brought everything back down the 5 flights of stairs after the final shoot. No injuries!





Number of new products appearing in the 2013/14 catalogue for the first time: 35 *look for the “New” badge tagging each item or collection

Number of additional new accessories, bedding and rugs featured in catalogue: 32

Number of fabrics and leathers offered in the 2013/14 catalogue: 91 fabrics and 57 leathers

Number of times food was used as a prop: 5

Number of cups, mugs and/or glasses that made it into the catalogue: 18

And, number of indoor plants featured in rooms (there’s a lot of them!): 34 *see if you can spot them all






Thanks for recapping the good times with us. You can flip through an online version of the catalogue here (or download a copy here). You can also visit your local store to pick up a printed copy.


We’d love to hear your thoughts about the new publication! Tweet us @EQ3_Furniture or leave us a comment on our Facebook Page.


  • bev

    Totally enjoyed this catalog “behind-the-scenes”. Great teaser that will have me checking out the catalog for real.

  • Kelly

    Wow, the catalogue is fantastic! Love the styling, the photographs are amazing, and of course the gorgeous furniture in these beautiful spaces doesn’t hurt either! I certainly have a long wish list.
    p.s. I’m loving this blog! This behind-the-scenes post is fantastic. Love the fun facts!

  • gerhard dehls

    I had the pleasure of having the crew at our house and it was very interesting watching them work.

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