Insider’s Look: Mattress Testing

Aug 13, 2013


Some offices have mid-morning coffee breaks. Here at EQ3…we have nap time.


Or at least that’s what happened Friday morning when four new mattress samples arrived at our head office. The mattresses are part of a new program we’re launching this fall in stores and online at, and we asked everyone to lend a hand with the inspection process. We literally stopped everything we were doing to test mattresses; and well, things got a little cozy. We had way too much fun trying them out and the resulting photos were just too hilarious (read: embarrassing) not to post. Enjoy!




Four on a bed. Creative Director Thom Fougere (shown 3rd in line) with graphic designers Heather, Paul and Alex.





Testing mattresses looks an awful lot like yoga, doesn’t it?  From top-left to bottom-right: Heather P. (Order Management Coordinator), Brenna (Merchandising & Store Planning Designer), Madi (Casegood Product Development Coordinator), Amy (that’s me)





Introducing EQ3’s Next Top Models.  From top-left to bottom-right: Jim (Vice President of Sales & Marketing), Bryan (Imports Operations Manager), Candy (Retail Customer Service Manager), Cliff (Visual Coordinator – Winnipeg)





Some serious thinking is going on, here.  From top-left to bottom-right: Carla (Product Development Coordinator), Allison (Marketing & Communications Coordinator), Thom (Creative Director), and that’s the Marketing Dept. again (Heather, Paul, Thom and Alex)





It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.



And there you have it: Mattress Testing 101. Stay tuned for video footage documenting the fun, as well as more news about the new product launch.


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