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Instagram: August 2013

Aug 31, 2013


An insta-look into our personal lives from the month of August (via Instagram).




Top Row (left to right):


1. Prairie sky on a mini road trip.  – Heather, Graphic Designer

2. A Japanese tea cup I made while in pottery class this summer.  – Thom Fougere, Creative Director

3. Preparing to kite surf in Squamish B.C. 2013 Kite Clash.  – Charles, Marketing Photographer


Middle Row (left to right):


4. Home grown Salt Spring Island food!  – Carla, Product Development Coordinator

5. Beaver icon.  – Alex, Graphic Designer

6. There’s not a lot of beauty to be found in some of the more industrialized areas I visit (while on factory tours) in South China. So, when I stumbled upon these stones – so perfectly imperfect – I got all like that cat emoticon with hearts for eyes and naturally used all my overseas data to post it to insta.  – Madi, Casegood Product Development Coordinator


Bottom Row (left to right):


7. The lesser known Broadway theatre (in Saskatoon).  – Amy, Social Media Associate

8. Osheaga 2013, Parc-Jean Drapeau, Montreal  – Paul, Senior Graphic Designer

9. Quick illustration of my cat Alan.  – Alex, Graphic Designer


Instagrams taken by members of our marketing and product design and development teams.

For more great Instagrams, follow our company account @EQ3_Furniture.

Interview: Lauren from Weekend Almanac

Aug 29, 2013


We spotted a new publication on Design*Sponge a few weeks back titled Weekend Almanac – an independently published, 64 page book celebrating all of the creative and fun things people do outside of their 9 to 5 work weeks. Weekend Almanac’s tagline “life happens on the weekend” intrigued us right away; and, if that wasn’t reason enough to order ourselves a copy, then the online sneak peek at the book’s hazy photography sealed the deal (click on the image below to watch an intro video and you’ll know what we mean).


Curious about the book’s almanac format – a type of publication more often associated with subjects like the weather or farming – we reached out to Weekend Almanac curator and editor Lauren Ladoceour with a few questions about the book’s concept, production and more!



Video by She Shoots, He Scores for Weekend Almanac (on Vimeo)



EQ3  What inspired the concept for your new publication, Weekend Almanac? And, why did you choose to create an almanac, instead of going with a more traditional format, like a magazine?


Lauren Ladoceour  We’ve both worked in the magazine and book worlds since, well, forever. In fact, that’s how we met. She was an art director at a magazine, and I was an editor there. After we’d both moved on to other publishing jobs we’d continue to get together for happy hour. And one Friday night, we both confessed to feeling totally zapped creatively. We longed for something we could sink our teeth into outside our jobs, something that would let us exercise our creative muscles again. I (Lauren) wanted to try my hand at photography and styling, and Ali wanted to get back to being an artist. Surveying our friends, we saw that we weren’t alone. Everyone we talked to–be they doctors, grocery store clerks, illustrators, or stay at home moms–all confessed to secret talents they only used on the weekends. So our thought was: Why don’t we create a format, a platform, for us and anyone else to exercise those talents by asking them to make something over the weekend.


We went for an almanac format (mixed with magazine elements) because almanacs tell the story of time–typically a year into the future. We wanted to tell the story of a weekend: Friday night to Sunday. Also, magazines can sometimes feel disposable, like they’re to be flipped through once or twice and then stuffed in the recycling. Very early on we wanted to create something that was special and something you’d want to hang on to for a long time.



EQ3  Tell us a bit about the roles each of you played in the book’s production? What did a typical weekend look like for you while you were working on this project?


LL  Ali was the creative director. She designed nearly every page, did all of the watercolors, and sketched most of the hand-written type. She also art directed a couple of the shoots we commissioned, like “Hangover Cures.”


I was the editor, which meant I edited any submitted copy and wrote several original stories, such as “The Early Bird.” I art directed a couple of shoots, took a couple of shots myself, and handled the business/distribution/money side of things. And I created our website, which was a total learning curve for me. But it was fun!


We share the social media stuff: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.



EQ3  How long did it take to complete – from dreaming and conceptualizing the book to holding the final printed and bound copy in your hands?


LL  It took about a little more than a year! Honestly, we thought at first this was a 3-month project, but several factors forced us to go more slowly: Ali had a baby and I switched jobs and had to travel a lot for work. Now, though, I’m really thankful that we had to take the “slow food movement” approach. It gave us the time and space to really mull over our editorial and artistic decisions, something you don’t get to do very often in publishing.



EQ3  You opted to publish the book independently. That sounds overwhelming! Any tips for readers who are interested in doing the same?


LL  Sure, a couple of things:


1. Decide on your budget, and then plan on doubling it halfway though.


2. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. There are a couple of people (former co-workers mostly) we turned to over and over again who would give us a crash course on, say, finding a great, affordable printer. Learning along the way is part of the fun.


3. If you have a founding partner, as Ali was to me, always look for ways to help each other. We’d trade off being slammed while the other got to catch a break. It was just the nature of our roles. Because we’re a super small team, it was extra important for the person on a break to figure out what they could take off the other person’s plate to help us meet our deadlines.



EQ3  Where did you look for inspiration when curating content for the book?


LL  We looked to our colleagues and friends and asked them what they did that weekend. In fact, most of the almanac is crowd-sourced. And, honestly, we looked to what we naturally were doing on the weekend. It was really a matter of art imitating life.



EQ3  What did you take away from this experience? Do you have a favourite moment?


LL  When our first non-family/friend order came in, we did a shot of vodka to celebrate. It’s incredibly validating to have a complete stranger be willing to throw down $15 for something you made in your dining room.



EQ3  What’s next for Weekend Almanac?


LL  Well, we’re very close to reaching our sales goal that would allow us to make a second one. It might be an annual, but we’re not sure yet. Until then, we’re getting it into stores around the country.



EQ3  And finally, what are your 3 must-have tools for living and working – things you can’t work or live without?


LL  Speaking for myself only (Lauren, that is), I can’t work without sunshine. What can I say? I’m a total California girl, and I need hazy, natural light to keep me motivated at my desk, which looks out onto my garden. Other than that, I’m pretty dependent on notebooks for all my to-do lists and random ideas. Some people like their notebooks to all be the same color and from the same company. But mine are pretty random. No two are alike. Lastly, baths – really hot, long soaks after a long day. Nothing keeps me sane better.



A big thank you to Lauren for chatting with us about Weekend Almanac. We’re eagerly awaiting it’s arrival in the mail and will be taking a closer look at the book’s content right here on the blog soon!

Celebrate Color: 50 Years of Pantone

Aug 27, 2013


Pantone is the go-to authority on colour for designers and design-focused companies (like EQ3) everywhere. They act as “the standard language for colo(u)r communication” (quoted from Pantone.com) and are looked yearly for their colour forecasts and trend reports.


Ever heard of a little thing called Color of the Year? Well, that’s compliments of these guys.




This year marks the company’s 50th anniversary! To celebrate the occasion, Pantone has created a fun colour-themed infographic that recaps 50 years in colour. See colour trends organized by decade, past Color of the Year selections, as well as the top three colours that trended on social media in 2012.


You can view Pantone’s colour infographic here. And, for more color inspiration, check out this visual inventory from EQ3’s Creative Director Thom Fougere.

#EQ3Spotted: Kate’s Vintage Mod Living Room

Aug 22, 2013

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We were thrilled to receive an email from Kate with photos of her favourite EQ3 purchase in its new home.




She had treated herself to a Reverie Sofa upholstered in Key Largo Teal for Christmas last year, but shortly after making the purchase, Kate moved into a new apartment with living room walls painted a deep robin’s egg blue. At first she thought the room’s wall colour would be too vibrant with her teal sofa, but she decided to work with it by balancing the bold teal tones with other strong elements, like the asymmetrical wall art gallery that hangs above the sofa. A whimsical selection of patterned toss cushions and vintage accessories (like the old typewriter and ceramic lamp shown below) reinforce the Reverie’s mid-century modern design.


She loves the look now. And, so do we!




“The sleek mid-century teal Reverie seems to like the wall colour. It was really a perfect fit for the modern/vintage mishmash that is my living room.”  – Kate, homeowner


Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us, Kate!



Do you love decorating with EQ3? Share your photos for a chance to be featured on the EQ3 blog and EQ3 Facebook Page. Upload photos on Instagram or Twitter, tagging your image with @EQ3_Furniture and the hashtag #EQ3Spotted. You can also send us your images in a private Facebook message or email them to blog@eq3.ca.

The 2013-14 Catalogue Is Here

Aug 20, 2013


We’re excited to announce the arrival of the EQ3 2013-2014 Catalogue!


It’s important to us that our catalogue represents everyday modern living. This is why all of the lifestyle images you’ll find on it’s pages were photographed inside real homes, belonging to real people. We scouted out some amazing spaces – both big and small – for this year’s publication. Get inspired by the mix of architecture, design and furniture featured.


To help celebrate the new release, we’ve pulled together some behind-the-scenes photos, along with some fun facts and figures that give an insider’s look into the making of the catalogue.







The cover image for the 2013 Catalogue was shot on the last day of a two week whirlwind, inside a downtown condo that was (and still is) under construction. The elevators weren’t yet functioning and the ideal space we wanted to use was 5 stories up. The production team considered using the outdoor pulley system, intended for bricks and other building materials, to haul furniture up and down. With visions of injuries and other disasters, we decided to bite the bullet and walk all the product up the stairs. We feared we’d lose some key staff that day, but thankfully we all survived.





First space to be photographed: Elise Sofa lifestyle (Page 25, see below for our behind-the-scenes shot).

Last space to be photographed: Stride Sleeper lifestyle (Page 26).








Time it took to prep for photoshoot: 6 months

Number of sets designed for the shoot: 0

Number of real life homes we shot in: 7

Number of photographers flown in from Europe: 1

Time spent ‘on location’: 2 weeks

Average number of people on set each day: 9

Number of fights that broke out: None (thank goodness)

Number of tacos eaten: 12

Amount of coffee runs required for survival: 16 (give or take)

Number of shots achieved: 43

Actual number of lifestyle photos to make it into the catalogue: 21 *including one that makes an encore appearance from our 2012 catalogue
























Cutest moment: Sneaking a furry friend into the shot. Find her on Page 2.


Most Awkward Moment: Accessory and Product Coordinator Carla pushing for her favourite new lantern – the Hurricane – to be prominently featured in several lifestyles, only to have it removed out of the shot time and time again. It just wasn’t meant to be. Sorry Carla.


Most Ridiculous Moment: Graphic Designer Alex living with a bedroom in his living room (and his living room in the hallway) for 4 days. See the Harvest Bedroom lifestyle shot we achieved in his space on Pages 66-67.


Best Moment: When the team successfully brought everything back down the 5 flights of stairs after the final shoot. No injuries!





Number of new products appearing in the 2013/14 catalogue for the first time: 35 *look for the “New” badge tagging each item or collection

Number of additional new accessories, bedding and rugs featured in catalogue: 32

Number of fabrics and leathers offered in the 2013/14 catalogue: 91 fabrics and 57 leathers

Number of times food was used as a prop: 5

Number of cups, mugs and/or glasses that made it into the catalogue: 18

And, number of indoor plants featured in rooms (there’s a lot of them!): 34 *see if you can spot them all






Thanks for recapping the good times with us. You can flip through an online version of the catalogue here (or download a copy here). You can also visit your local store to pick up a printed copy.


We’d love to hear your thoughts about the new publication! Tweet us @EQ3_Furniture or leave us a comment on our Facebook Page.

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