Instagram: July 2013

Jul 31, 2013


The latest glimpse into our personal lives via Instagram (July edition).




Top Row (left to right):


1. Waterfall braid. – Alex, Graphic Designer

2. UnderConsideration’s UC Quarterly magazine (2013 2nd quarter). Each issue’s cover is unique, as the UC “stamp” is printed on recycled make-readies and test sheets from various printers. – Alex

3. Norihiko Terayama’s installation – mounted and framed at Mjolk in Toronto. – Thom, Creative Director


Middle Row (left to right):


4. My new baby, I’m a proud mama. – Heather, Graphic Designer

5. Authentic Tuscan winery? Hello. – Allison, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

6. A cliffside view from Sorrento, Italy. – Allison


Bottom Row (left to right):


7. Colo(u)r Me Rad. – Heather

8. Industrial paper tray – can’t resist a good vintage find. – Amy, Social Media Associate

9. Playing tennis with an old friend, working up a good sweat, weathering a short shower and experiencing a classic prairie sky at dusk. – Charles, Marketing Photographer


Instagrams taken by members of our marketing and product design and development teams.

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