Blogger’s Style: Christine from Just Bella

Jul 17, 2013


We kicked off a new project this month on our social media platforms – EQ3’s Blogger of the Month – as a way to connect with all of the fabulous design and style-minded folks out there in the blogosphere.


For the month of July, we chose Christine Shankowsky from the Just Bella blog. Christine is an Edmonton-based graphic designer with a flair for modern-elegant style and an eye for details. In a Facebook Exclusive, released earlier this month, Christine told readers what she liked about the Bliss Table Lamp, a favourite of hers from the EQ3 accessory line. You can read her quote here.


Today, she’s taking us inside her own home to show us how she styled the lamp in her master bedroom.








“I’m a sucker for accessories: fluffy pillows, pretty books, cozy blankets, and I think I can now add beautiful lamps to that list. The ‘Bliss Table Lamp’ won me over the moment I took it out of the box.


I’ll be honest, I had a hard time deciding where to put this lamp. It is so versatile I really thought it would look great in any of my rooms! In the end, it found a home on my night stand where I have been enjoying it every night since. I love the clean lines of this lamp, it’s bold yet subtle and makes such a great statement in the room. The height was perfect with my headboard and I loved how the translucent base tied in perfectly with the glass knobs on the dresser.


My night stand tends to be a place where things inevitably pile up – books, phone, glass(es) of water – the light and airy feel of the lamp helps things from feeling too busy when life gets a little cluttered. Plus, the switch is down on the cord so it’s easy to turn off after some late night reading! Bonus points in my book.”  – Christine Shankowsky, Just Bella


Image Source: All photographs credited to Christine Shankowsky


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