Instagram: June 2013

Jun 28, 2013

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It’s taken a while for Winnipeg to warm-up, but summer has finally arrived over here at the EQ3 Headquartres and we couldn’t be happier. Some of us sought out sun-therapy, slipping away from the office to enjoy alfresco-style lunches, while other members on our team managed to escape completely, taking much-deserved vacations. Those little breaks – whether they’re brief mid-day work breaks or week-long getaways – really have put us all in better moods!


Here’s a look at how each of us soaked up the start of summer…




cooking with fresh ingredients / experimenting with new camera angles / watching the clouds go by / capturing the little things / getting away from it all (Madi captured these lovely palm trees in Delores Park, San Francisco while on vacation) / cycling around the city / sipping sangria out back / visiting the docks / embracing colour


Instagrams taken by members of our marketing and product design and development teams.

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