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Visual Inventory: Colour

May 14, 2013

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Each month EQ3’s Creative Director, Thom Fougere, shares culture recommendations and findings that are currently inspiring him. His monthly musings focus on a theme and how he’s seeing it used across different industries (ie. design, film, music, online and photography).


This month’s theme is COLOUR – a topic that’s more than welcome as we anticipate the arrival of summer. Thom’s latest discoveries show colour in a variety of light: how it can captivate audiences and motivate responses. Take a look…




DESIGN / Vitra Colour and Surface Library

Vitra, one of our EQ3+ brands, recently partnered with designer Hella Jongerius to create a new colour and material palette for their existing product line. This new palette helps in creating colour schemes across different types of furniture, while breathing new life into their existing products from designers such as Jean Prouve and Charles and Ray Eames. Launched at the Milan Furniture Fair last month, the colours were used not only on their products but also to create entire room groupings. Each room was centered around a different hue. Deep emerald green, terracotta and murky blue were key players in creating these captivating room displays.


Here’s what Vitra had to say about their collaboration:


“The Dutch designer Hella Jongerius again and again successfully addresses the significance of colours and surfaces in contemporary design in her textiles and ceramic works and with her furniture pieces. In numerous installations and objects, she has demonstrated how colours and colour combinations and their use on specific materials, surfaces and shapes can lead to spectacular results. Knowing the effect that colour has and the cultural meanings of colours is a foundation that is just as important to her as being familiar with production techniques and materials.”


You can see photos of Vitra’s exhibit space here.





FILM / Upstream Color

‘Upstream Color’ is Shane Carruth’s second film, following his complex time-travelling debut ‘Primer’. Shot mostly in Malick-like montages, Upstream Color demands to be viewed more than once. The film’s complex and meandering plot deals with mind-control, concepts of self, personal agency and love through colourful and sometimes abstract imagery. Entirely beautiful, Upstream Color is easily one of my favourite movies of 2013 so far. You can watch the Upstream Color movie trailer here. It’s in theatres and available on-demand now.





MUSIC / Kurt Vile

I wouldn’t categorize Kurt Vile’s music as colourful, however Steve Powers supplies the colourful sign painting/wall artwork for the album cover. Vile’s music has been traditionally nice to listen to, but ‘Wakin on a Pretty Daze’ has totally captivated me and has been on regular rotation in my apartment since its release.





ONLINE / Movies in Color

I came across the Movies in Color blog earlier this month. The concept that drives it is quite interesting – deriving light, medium, and dark colour palettes from current and classic films. A lot of films, especially of those from directors such as Stanley Kubrik, P.T. Anderson, and Wes Anderson, are produced with very distinct style and hues – often to evoke emotion or atmosphere. It’s interesting to see what gradient of hues are developed from a small sampling of film stills. Not so much a helpful tool, but more of an interesting exercise in colour and its power to evoke certain moods, feelings and representations of space.


The site is updated daily. You can visit Movies in Color blog here.





PHOTOGRAPHY / Patterns from Above

Brent Yaggi & Sarah Hicks are a photography team who have been taking aerial photographs by plane for the past seven years. Their photos capture vivid, and often abstract portraits of natural and man-made landscapes from across North America. Their prints are for sale through their website, Patterns from Above.



Images Sources: credited as shown above

Illustrated: Linocut

May 10, 2013


We love seeing work that members of our creative team have produced on their own, outside of the EQ3 office. Inspiration is everywhere and we never know what might inspire or benefit a future project, so we encourage each other to continue learning and exploring through a variety of creative outlets. Whether we’re learning a new technique, trying out new equipment or discovering a new hobby – all of these things broaden our horizons and make our brand stronger.


This beautiful card is an example of, EQ3 team member, Heather’s personal work.



An “in-progress” shot of a linocut print by Heather, which shows the reversed image on a lino and the carving process.



The final linocut print.


In addition to working as a Graphic Designer here at EQ3, Heather is also a gifted illustrator and artist. She has a growing interest in linocutting – a method of printing where the desired print is transferred onto the lino and, using a carving tool set, the unprintable area is scraped away. This leaves the raised areas to be used almost like a stamp to create the print. The ‘Thank You’ card shown above is a test print that Heather produced using this technique.


To create the card’s design, Heather sketched her idea out and went over it with a fine liner pen. She then scanned and printed the image and used acetone to transfer the image onto lino. Finally, she carved the design, rolled ink onto the lino and created the final print using an old linen press that she converted into a printing press.


We’re excited to share more work from our talented team soon, but first, we’d like to hear from you! What creative outlets are you currently exploring, or hope to explore in the future?

Trending: Rustic Modern Decor

May 8, 2013

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If you appreciate modern interior design, but are looking for a warmer effect, then simple accessories with clean lines and a handmade feel might be just what your home needs. Create the look by decorating with layers of natural materials and textures, like wood tones, woven leaves and knitted wool.




1. Quirky accessories easily warm-up a modern interior, offering those playful finishing touches that make a home feel quirky, unexpected and personal.


2. Hand-knitted wool poufs add softness to a space and move easily from room to room. They’re perfect for putting your feet up at the end of a long day and serve as extra seating in a pinch. Also, consider placing a pair of them in front of your living room sofa for a fun alternative to the standard coffee table-ottoman.


3. Storage baskets, woven from corn leaves, keep bookshelf clutter in check. Their natural colour works well with a variety of wood tones, while their woven texture creates depth and dimension.


4. A solid teak television unit (for your flat-screen) or teak coffee table from Indonesia lend one-of-a-kind appeal to the living room and inject the space with a warm, well-traveled vibe.



1. Reclaimed Teak Plasma Unit ($799.00) / 2. Maize Baskets, set of 3 ($ 49.99 per set) / 3. Pouf, shown in Charcoal ($129.00) / 4. Hedge Alarm Clock ($49.99)

Natural Design

May 3, 2013

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Our in-house Graphic Design team is always hard at work behind-the-scenes, ensuring the EQ3 brand is present in everything we do. They take care of all of our marketing material, from catalogue design, ad layouts and photoshoots to store window graphics for seasonal campaigns, website graphics and more.


For our current Home Cooking Essentials promo, we decided to try something new and playful – pairing colourful text with a hand-illustrated design. We loved the result so much that we decided to check in with Alex, the designer behind the layout, to find out what inspired this fresh look.




“My concept for the current promotional material was really to create somewhat of a system for two separate campaigns (ie. Home Cooking Essentials and Mother’s Day) so they would work together, since they would be co-existing in the stores. The creative was driven by nature and plants. Since it’s springtime, and flowers and plants are beginning to bloom again, I wanted to portray that within the design.


I began by trying to illustrate the graphics with a vector based icon style. But, it seemed too forced and wasn’t really working, so I thought it just felt natural to portray the nature of the subject by giving them a more organic, hand drawn look.


I love working with our typeface and don’t see myself ever getting tired of working with it. It makes coming up with the supporting graphics much easier, since it’s such a versatile face and it works so well with illustration, photography and even in body copy. It also helps to speed up the design process, since I don’t have to spend hours mulling over the perfect type selection.”  – Alex, Graphic Designer





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