How To: Shop for an Area Rug

May 28, 2013

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A beautiful area rug is a good investment for homeowners and renters alike because it’s value that you can take with you when you move. The rug can be the jumping off point that influences a room’s future decorating choices or it can be the finishing touch that pulls a room’s design elements together. But, if searching for the right design is leaving your stomach in knots, rest assured. We’ve compiled 3 easy tips that’ll take the guess work out of buying a rug.


Think of an area rug as artwork for your floors. Shopping for artwork is a fun and personal experience and searching for the perfect rug should be too. So, arm yourself with these basic guidelines and take advice from the experts. Then, go with your gut and buy what you love.





Tip No. 1 – Have a Purpose


Before you hit the pavement and begin shopping for your new rug, consider this: What role do you want the rug to play? What mood do you want to convey?


If you want the rug to make a big statement, find your rug first and build the entire room around it. Pair a bold design with furniture upholstered in solid or simple patterns. If you want the rug to work with another design element, such as a fireplace or artwork, find a rug that picks up on the colour(s) of the surrounding decor. Stick to a solid or subtle design to unify the room.



Tip No. 2 – Know Your Space


Do your due diligence and measure your space. Use masking tape to help visualize the rug’s placement and determine the exact size you will need. Also, keep in mind the locations of vents and doors, as well as your desired furniture arrangement. Here’s a few room guidelines to get you going:


Dining Room: measure the top of the dining table. Add between 24″ – 30″ of space equally around each side of the table. This is the general size of rug you will need for under your table so that dining chair legs remain on the rug when pulled away.




Living Room: Measure your seating area. The rug should to be large enough so that the front legs of your sofa rest on top of it. Chairs may be positioned so that chair legs are completely on or off the rug, or that just the front legs are on the rug.




Bedrooms: Measure your bed and surrounding floor space. The rug should show equal floor space on two or three of the beds sides. Place one at the foot of the bed, one at either side of the bed, or both the foot and sides of the bed.





Tip No.  3 – Adjust with Colour


Use a rug’s colour palette to influence the perceived amount of light. Choose a warm coloured rug to enhance a room lacking natural light (ie. yellows, oranges and reds) and a cool coloured rug to balance a room receiving a lot of natural light (ie. blues and greens).


You can also use a rug’s colour palette to influence the perceived amount of space. Choose a lighter coloured rug to make a room feel more spacious and a darker rug to make a room feel more intimate.



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