Illustrated: Linocut

May 10, 2013


We love seeing work that members of our creative team have produced on their own, outside of the EQ3 office. Inspiration is everywhere and we never know what might inspire or benefit a future project, so we encourage each other to continue learning and exploring through a variety of creative outlets. Whether we’re learning a new technique, trying out new equipment or discovering a new hobby – all of these things broaden our horizons and make our brand stronger.


This beautiful card is an example of, EQ3 team member, Heather’s personal work.



An “in-progress” shot of a linocut print by Heather, which shows the reversed image on a lino and the carving process.



The final linocut print.


In addition to working as a Graphic Designer here at EQ3, Heather is also a gifted illustrator and artist. She has a growing interest in linocutting – a method of printing where the desired print is transferred onto the lino and, using a carving tool set, the unprintable area is scraped away. This leaves the raised areas to be used almost like a stamp to create the print. The ‘Thank You’ card shown above is a test print that Heather produced using this technique.


To create the card’s design, Heather sketched her idea out and went over it with a fine liner pen. She then scanned and printed the image and used acetone to transfer the image onto lino. Finally, she carved the design, rolled ink onto the lino and created the final print using an old linen press that she converted into a printing press.


We’re excited to share more work from our talented team soon, but first, we’d like to hear from you! What creative outlets are you currently exploring, or hope to explore in the future?


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