Natural Design

May 3, 2013

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Our in-house Graphic Design team is always hard at work behind-the-scenes, ensuring the EQ3 brand is present in everything we do. They take care of all of our marketing material, from catalogue design, ad layouts and photoshoots to store window graphics for seasonal campaigns, website graphics and more.


For our current Home Cooking Essentials promo, we decided to try something new and playful – pairing colourful text with a hand-illustrated design. We loved the result so much that we decided to check in with Alex, the designer behind the layout, to find out what inspired this fresh look.




“My concept for the current promotional material was really to create somewhat of a system for two separate campaigns (ie. Home Cooking Essentials and Mother’s Day) so they would work together, since they would be co-existing in the stores. The creative was driven by nature and plants. Since it’s springtime, and flowers and plants are beginning to bloom again, I wanted to portray that within the design.


I began by trying to illustrate the graphics with a vector based icon style. But, it seemed too forced and wasn’t really working, so I thought it just felt natural to portray the nature of the subject by giving them a more organic, hand drawn look.


I love working with our typeface and don’t see myself ever getting tired of working with it. It makes coming up with the supporting graphics much easier, since it’s such a versatile face and it works so well with illustration, photography and even in body copy. It also helps to speed up the design process, since I don’t have to spend hours mulling over the perfect type selection.”  – Alex, Graphic Designer






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