Instagram: April 2013

Apr 30, 2013

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Living and working in Winnipeg, our team is well equipped to combat a long Canadian winter. But, when April showers are replaced with more snowstorms, even we start to get antsy for spring! As we bid farewell to April – and hopefully the cold temps too – we thought it might be fun to step outside the office and round up each of our favourite Instagrams from our own personal accounts this month.


Here’s a look at how each of us survived the late cold snap…




decorating with indoor plants and florals / sipping a steamy cup of coffee / dreaming of bicycle season / escaping on work travels (our product development coordinators, Madi and Carla, were overseas this month – Madi went to Indonesia and Carla to China) / finding beauty in frosty days / cozying up inside great interiors / savoring good bites / warming up with nostalgic inventions


Instagrams taken by members of our marketing and product design and development teams.

For more great Instagrams, follow our company account @EQ3_Furniture.


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