Making A Rug

Apr 24, 2013

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Our rug story.




DESIGN / All of our rugs are handmade in India, with many of them being designed in-house, right here at EQ3’s head office.


PRODUCTION / Yarn is spun and custom dyed to our designers’ specifications. It is then hung to dry – typically outside in the sun, making India’s climate perfect for this, though drying chambers are used during rainy season. Dried yarn is then manufactured into a rug, using one of the following techniques: Hand Tufted or Hand Woven.


Carla, EQ3’s Product Development Coordinator, travelled to India last fall for a first-hand look at the process. She noted how, in India, rug manufacturing is “more than a factory, it’s a craft” with skills and techniques being passed down from generation to generation. She returned with a beautiful collection of photographs capturing the process…



Above: Local artisans open yarn by hand.



Above (top): Carla, EQ3’s Product Development Coordinator, lends a hand in dyeing yarn, as per our custom specifications. Above (bottom): Yarn hangs out to dry under the hot Indian sun.



Above: Artisans spin yarn and work the handloom.


What details do you consider when shopping for a rug?  Design? Construction? Colours?


Note: EQ3 employs factories that are SA8000 certified, which is a code of conduct standards, enforcing standards against child labour and forced labour, as well as standards on health, safety and discrimination.


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